Monday, December 09, 2013

Farewell For Now

I haven’t forgotten to give you a final post on Lily LightAide. We said goodbye to Lily in mid-November and enjoyed her time with us immensely. Ava was motivated enough to engage Lily, if a prompt was required she was swift to respond. Lily also proved to be challenging enough that visual fatigue struck on occasion, a testament that Ava was working hard to use her vision.

Ava took Lily to school several days during the visit. Her special education teacher and teacher of the visually impaired both had the opportunity to work directly with Lily. Many of her therapist and peers were also able to interact with Lily during her visit.
The school feedback was positive, they reported using Lily in several different positions and spending time exploring both the flat and tactile screen. There was time to give nearly all the activities a spin; Ava was most amused by the animated icons in her school environment. They spent time trying tasks in different positions, both seating and distance wise and also using the switch with her hands and feet. They even took Ava for a spin on her therapy swing while using Lily, it was a success. Ava’s special education teacher reports, “I really enjoyed the light aide and think it is a great educational tool. It is a beneficial addition to Ava's educational activities.”

We will have the opportunity to keep Lily forever! If you would be so kind as to help us, we would be much obliged. We are going to be shamelessly begging for your vote daily. I know, it is asking a lot but I promise I will be reminding everyone daily on Facebook so there is no need to set a reminder.
Starting December 9th please visit this page daily and vote for Ava & the Jaksha Family:
Vote for Ava!

You can come back to vote once a day until December 15, 2013 at midnight (Eastern Time). They'll announce the winner on December 16, 2013. Vote for Ava, we’d love it if you asked your friends to vote too!

Thank you Perkins and Philips for this wonderful opportunity!
To learn more about Lily LightAide click here
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lisa deselms said...

Lets do this!! I am so excited to be helping AVA win the light aid. I will do whatever i can in my network so she gets the most votes!!