Friday, March 02, 2012

Kindergarten Love!

How about that ginger hair? Love it!
We have been working hard this year to get Ava’s peers to understand just who she is. I’d say not just her class kiddos either, most students in the school notice her.  After all, she does push a mini grocery cart packed full of all her accommodations and items used for modifications, when she isn’t pushing an i-cane around.

Kudos to all her adult peeps at Pioneer Ridge Elementary...they have had a successful endeavor with the introduction!  The DynaVox has been a helpful addition; they use it during class calendar time and her peers finally get to communicate directly with her.  Of course they have very age appropriate questions that she can give a yes/no answer to.  It sounds like it works swell when she is having a good day, I could sure use them over the summer for therapy time.

When I drop her off at school the kids have shifted to an admiring acknowledgement of her (and sometimes help me with the door), she beams a huge smile and struts like a movie star; with a white i-cane in hands.  Some of her buddies ask me if they can try her cane, some inquire why she isn’t feeling it that day.

I have started getting these lovely letters in her bag…


For us, this is a giant part of what successful inclusion means, for Ava.  Students that recognize her as an equal peer, accept her challenges, limitations and differences, yet embrace her spirit; even when it is nearing the cusp of insanity.

March 26th is Purple Day.  Look for more info about what we are doing and the 2012 Strides forEpilepsy NoCo event.



Rebecca said...

This is awesome! Those cards are just wonderful!

Deana said...

Love love love it!!! I'm glad she loves it just as much as her classmates do!

charlotte said...

Those letters bring tears to my eyes! How sweet!