Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 is Posh!

Happy birthday to Aliza!  We celebrated her 3rd birthday this weekend.  Yesterday with some great friends at Jumpin' and then on to Grandma's for an overnight adventure.  Mom and I have been collecting dress up clothes for her since Halloween clearance was the perfect time for dress up duds, she dug it!
What's in the trunk?

Which shoes?

I love being a princess

Someone called the 11

I am in between learning to use my new SLR from santa and grabbing my old point and shoot that Aliza has laid claim on.  Be ready for some better quality photos, perhaps a picture a week project of the kids.  I hope to be able to catch up on our recent happenings soon.


Rebecca said...

I LOVE how you gave her so many costumes! What a fun gift idea! I can't believe she is already three. Happy Birthday Aliza!

Deana said...

What a firecracker! I love the dress-up idea too! Happy birthday to Aliza!