Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ten Tiny Things

  1. Cranial Sacral Therapy is going wonderful for Ava, did I mention we were trying it?  Sweet like candy to her soul...Brandy rubs and Ava sometimes takes a snooze.  The results we have seen are amazing.
  2. Ava has also started her ESY for a smooth transition over to Pioneer Ridge into Kindergarten.
  3. Joe finished his apprenticeship, became a back-flow inspector and started a new job all in the past month. Yea for him! He is moving right along and one can't ask for more than that, especially in this economy. Never mind how long the last 10-months have been...
  4. I painted another pretty at Canvas and Cocktails for a Ben's Bells fundraiser (I still have a post about distributing them to share with you, very soon I promise).  I am absolutely smitten with the Ben's Bells project! You know I love those supermoms too.
  5. Mom, the girls and I took a quick trip to Sturgis, SD to visit my grandma over the last weekend.  We spent a night in Gordon, my hometown, on the way.  I will post a slide show of Storybook Island, Dinosaur Park and all the fun we had in the Black Hills.  We will return to Gordon in August for a bit longer visit.
  6. My book is on the way from AFB with Ava and Joe on the cover.  I also have a 10% discount code for anyone else that would like to order.  Let me know if you want one and I will shoot you the cost and order it with the rest.  I think they are around $50 so it will save you $5 at least.
  7. Aliza Mae makes my mom piss herself laughing.  I think she's pretty cute too but I often want to give her the 5-finger treatment on her bum in lieu of laughing at her orneriness and shenanigans.
  8. The calendar is moving along although it doesn't feel very summer-ish here yet. So far, I am better mentally than last summer with no breaks from my duties to speak of.  We are GROWING, transforming, getting to a bit different place.  I hope to get Ava up on some mountain trails with her new jogger. She finally really enjoys the outdoors and Liz Mae is up for any adventure.
  9. I ditched my smart-phone in March and it was a wonderful detoxing.  I hooked it back up a couple of weeks ago again...I had no idea how much my scheduling and life functioning smoothly depended on that thing.  Sad, huh?  
  10. I have so many stories I should be sharing and archiving here that I have made a goal to get back to weekly blogging. I am using my camera again; this is a good kick in the ass for me.  I'm revving up for 2012 as the year I reclaim me.  Wishful thinking?  We'll see...


Rebecca said...

I love the color photos. I need to hear more about the software you use.

Anonymous said...

I think your wish(ful) for 2012 will come true.

Wait. You mean Amanda is not your real name? The book cover looks great!

I enjoyed these things-not-so-tiny.