Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unleashing Little Beasts

Anticipation, it has been so long that I almost missed you. Yep, we’ve been hanging in there, steering our own ship, getting by. Not anymore. Ah no, we are desperately in need of some navigation tips.

My last post had a little stench of optimism in regards to where we are going. I was blind, so blind to all the facts…mostly the giant one that Ava’s neurologist might not be coming back; she is on an extended leave of absence from TCH. Had I known that a few Sunday’s ago, I probably would not have agreed to go forward with a drastic med change while searching for neuro-psych help in Northern Colorado.

The same Dr S that locked eyes with me 5-years ago amid a look of complete terror with a speck of pity that I will never forget is quite possibly a fading memory. Our ringleader has gone; I must now find a new leader to help me keep calm and carry on. Side bar: Bob Owl makes some cool purse mirrors

I do not enjoy coordinating health care. The impudence from medical office personnel and nurses (perhaps neurology ones in particular) makes me the craziest. I better get my happy face ready. We see a new Neurologist the first week in February.  I am looking forward to fresh eyes and have rallied most of her therapist to provide a little summary of our lives.

We are also giving the Wholeness Center a try, unless a drastic change in plan occurs at neuro, near the end of February. Despite some complete withdrawals meltdowns turned into panic attacks, Ava is really doing well under the circumstances. Her sleep has been disrupted but she seems to be managing that issue better than past incidents, to date.

It certainly isn’t a bowl of friggin’ cherries. I am slowly adjusting to this crazy, no sleep schedule again.  Shawn Mullins rough, sexy voice sums up my current tone best…

Yeah this old world can bring you down
And turn your smile into a frown
And break your heart and make you sad
Drive you Stark Raving Mad.

There is so much more to write about. I hope to be back soon on a different, perhaps lighter note.


Deana said...

Ugh....why wouldn't they let you know her doc was on leave?!

I hope you get someone who has just the right thing for her right now.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and wondering how that neuro appt went. No need to 'screen' your posts to only those on a 'lighter note'. But you know that. This is your space to use for your (and your family's) benefit. ("and perhaps neurology ones in particular" - heh and chuckle - and yes, but then, see staff bad behavior in other specialties, too.)

I think it is sad that the physician/patient relationship is not more honored since it is undeniably so intimate.