Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cost of a Seizure

I received my copy of Epilepsy Advocate today (check out page 18 of the Fall 2010 issue) and wanted to share some numbers...

$9.6 billion
Annual epilepsy related expenses in the U.S., including medical expenditures and informal care
Average cost per day for U.S. hospital admission of a person with epilepsy/convulsion
Average cost of an emergency department visit
Average lifetime wages lost by men who continue to have seizures
Average lifetime wages lost by women who continue to have seizures
Increase in hospitalization among people with epilepsy who do not take medication regularly
Average annual cost incurred by people with epilepsy who made frequent ER visits due to uncontrolled seizures. Patients whose seizures were controlled spent 80% less per year.

Now those are some damn good reasons to fund research and to get seizure smart today.

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