Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea Toddling Thoughts

I have silently witnessed more than one conversation, debate, idea misunderstanding about the current American climate, lately. Yes to those of you who choose to drink and debate with me…SILENCE. if you can imagine?

Honestly a good understanding of government policy in general is proving to be a fairly misunderstood idea from my observations and I think that is pretty damn Un-American. I am no rocket-scientist and after all, we are a democracy with the responsibility of being informed so that WE can make choices in regards to those given the responsibility to run the 3-parts of our government.


Rules for this post:

1. This is my blog and my thoughts. If you don’t like them, find another blog to read. Occasionally I need to blow off steam about random subjects in lieu of that which comes from being the mommy of an especially needy and especially un-needy child.

2. I am American and identify that I too like my electricity, cell phone and cushy lifestyle. However, I do NOT believe that others don’t assume this type of life for lack of ambition, information or intellectual capacity. Let’s be real, Mother Nature has only so many natural resources to back this crazy thing we call currency (which last time I checked it still represents gold).

3. I don’t give a flip what the policy is, sociology is going to be a factor…like it or not. After all, we ARE people. Socialism is a form of government sociology is the study of people and yes, I feel like that needs to be stated.

I get it, not everyone is an analytical thinker and if you avoid this type of thinking like the plague, econ has probably not been a large part of your mental energy’s focus. That’s okay, as long as you are not one of those pretending to understand more about macro or micro economic policy and how it affects your day to day life than you really do.

If you are unsure who, what, when, where, how in regards to this short list; please enlighten yourself or consider zipping those lips:

a. U.S. monetary policy, especially T-bills and just how do we finance that national debt? It is for real. Unfortunately there is no simple short-sale or foreclosure option for this predicament.

b. Which brings us to the thought of who does loan this money to us? What foreign country had the largest stake in Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac? What might have happened to the world if we would have stuck our middle finger up and said, “what about main street and all those new vehicles, overpriced houses and playstations” we have grown accustomed entitled to enjoying daily?  Even if we can't afford them we put them on a credit card and buy them.

c. What is a budget? Budgets are best guesses or forecasts, nothing more and nothing less. No business or government can predict the future so they rely on best guesses – the idea of balancing a budget has always puzzled me. Cutting spending (less of whatever service) or increasing revenues (IRS tax collections or speeding tickets)…perhpas both might be the idea; that is not called a budget.

Last time I checked the bill of civil rights and constitution were to totally different documents. Agree? AND with great privileges (like driving for example) come great responsibilities (like insurance on the car you drive, proof you can actually drive, follow the rules of driving and see the road while driving), right? The box of jurisprudence isn’t too complex and I’ll admit I’ve spent a bit of time being an outlaw, living outside of that box myself :)

So…what is the function of the Supreme Court? Doesn’t it exist to test the constitutionality of our laws? What gives S Palin?? I’m pretty sure you’re an outlaw of your own right. I’m also pretty sure that Americans in general can not balance their own damn budget from the looks of the mortgage crisis we went through last year. Hell, I even wrote about ARM’s and the slippery slope that could become of bundling this delightful debt in my honors finance course in early 2000. Remember, I am an accountant, not a finance wizard.  Stuck in honors finance because I couldn't fit a normal, fill in the dots class in my schedule.

There is NEVER a tax cut…if the rate of taxes is reduced the base of taxable items is broadened and vise versa. I will NOT debate this; I’ve had plenty of education and experience amid this topic. And yes, the rapidly shrinking middle class has historically paid the majority of federal income taxes. Have you considered what all those tax lines on your paycheck represent, lately?

Sovereign nations actually do exist in the U.S. and they are called reservations. I had the pleasure of being raised about 15 miles south of one of the poorest of them all. I’ll show a representation of where minimal local government gets you, check out the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for a start.

Frankly, it is just pissing me off typing this blog. I’m not even going into health care and social health care policies, like the VA, that are already in place. The system has been broken for a mighty long time in regards to this topic. Small town America is already suffering from shrinkage of health care workers.

Anyone with half a brain and any idea on WTF is going on through out this vast globe has to scratch their heads about some of this crap. Maybe the Tea Party is not about S Palin and some wacky damn talk radio dude. Our wonderful media sure paints an unpleasant picture of who they are from my allusion.

I asked Joe who Justin Bieber was Monday. His opinion might be that I should spend less time reading blogs, independent media websites and preparing for IEP’s and a little more time paying attention to what the rest of America deems as important. This blog may just prove his point, what the hell do I know anyways??

Well, at least I got that off my chest.  Don't hate me if you are a Tea Party member...I still love you :)Tomorrow is the big triennial IEP meeting, wish me luck, I think I’ve left any attitude here.  I've blogged religion, I thought I might as well try politics.  Happy Thirsty Thursday, enjoy your beverage!


Robyn said...

Where the hell were you at that you silently witnessed this stuff? And I really can't imagine you not giving them hell on the spot. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your awesome Taz! I love you! I would love it if you and all your supermom friends ran our country, and the world for that matter! I would elect you anyday! You would make the world as perfect as it could be! Best of luck tomorrow! Thank you for your blogs I always look forward to reading them!

Anonymous said...

Oops it posted me as anonymous! It was Summer L. Sorry!