Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer School Days

You'd think I could find some spare time to nurture my blogging needs...

Miss Ava graduated a couple of Fridays ago and I have been meaning to post make a short video of her walking to the stage like a big girl to get her diploma.  I was very, very proud of her; dad and grandma were too.  It was a very nice ending for the entire village of us to enjoy!  Joe taped the graduation so if you didn't take your own video, let me know and I will share ours with you.

What's been keeping us busy this blog?
*Ava performed with her Anchor School classmates for the Delta Gamma Convention at the Sheraton in Downtown Denver - they were very cute cow-kids and did a fantastic job entertaining.  Aliza is teaching her a bit about stick horse riding in preparation.
*Sprinkler park East Loveland - thanks Robyn and crew for helping me manage Aliza ;)
*Bike ride to Old Town - Aliza still needs short rides or no lunch stop to avoid tantrum.
*Birthday parties, big grandma taxi, trampoline, running after Aliza, swimming, sprinklers & sprinkler parks, looking for Aliza...oh yeah, did I mention chasing Aliza?
*Summer school at Anchor started today too...

This house is relentless. If you are looking for a weight loss plan, please join us. I'm not sure if facilitating Ava's needs or chasing Aliza takes more energy. More importantly if I am balancing the two...At least I'm in damn good shape from the torture ;)  

Miss Louana made all of the graduates their own cake!

Aliza is showing off Ava's graduation gift from Anchor

Aliza can climb much higher than a 17 mos. old should.  She is fairly fearless and loves to swim, play on the trampoline and conquer the back yard in addition to many things she shouldn't be attempting to do.  This child and her musings may get the best of me.  She is becoming a chatterbox and using simple little phrases, cute and scary all at once.  Watch what you say at this house, it's a hard lesson for all of us.  She is a beautiful, possibly old soul.


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