Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Post From Ava

Today mom finally decided to give me a shot at her blog; it was my last day of public preschool after all. Mom & Aliza joined my class for a kite making party and then I sang some songs in my circle of friends to end the show. We are really quite good, sticks and all. I think I even seen momma sneaking close by to catch a photo of me in all my glory.
I will miss my friends but I am looking forward to going to one preschool for all 4 days of the week next year.  Some of my friends will join me again. That is if momma decides to send me back…teeheehee. I think momma is getting things worked out, I’m sure she will write some silly blog to fill you in on all the madness.

I don’t think mom has been back to brag about my new walking trick either. Yep, I like to walk (and everyone likes to see where I walk like it's funny or something) but I have a hard time seeing where I am going. I also need some more practice because it sure takes a lot of muscles to get around the block. I probably don’t have to tell you all that I have had more black eyes, bumps on head & scrapes on knees/shins/elbows than I thought possible. I don’t really like to hold things for a long time yet so I can’t have a cane. I’m a real trooper but mom sure gasps often, drama llama.

I have been to a couple of doctors in the last week but nothing serious. I did get back to 33 lbs & I guess this is good because it is hard for us to get me into my car seat without bonking my noggin so I can soon have a booster. Mom and Miss Beth (my OT) have me on a silly sensory diet. It’s all about movement and I get snacks & meals – momma can blog about all the rules & tools later.

I served tea for Mother’s Day at Anchor School to sister, mom & grandma. My sister and I got momma some real nice hanging baskets too. She was in Nebraska for graduation so we hung out at home with Dad and Aunt Sarah. Aliza learned to say Auntie’s name before the weekend was over. I sure am glad she moved back to Denver, we had fun.

I have been working hard on my Anchor School Graduation performance & it is quickly approaching. I’m not sure what my mom is going to do, I keep telling her we are big now and it is time to move on. I’ll miss everyone but I know we will get back there to visit so I’m really not worried. Did you hear I also have a big team of fans that are helping me raise money and awareness for epilepsy?

I have lots of really great folks in my life that help make it work. Thank you, you make me smile! I hope you liked my blog and I am going to have to fire mom if she doesn’t keep up better on posting all the news.



Anonymous said...

Wow, Ava, that was a SUPER post! Thank you so much for the lovely update on all your goings-on! Hope you fall less and less and not get hurt until NONE.

Dr. Barbara

MommaFromTheMountains said...

How brave you are, Ava. I hope that your adventures in walking get easier. Your a wonderful trooper.