Friday, May 28, 2010

Milestones in the Making

Four years have passed. Four years since my life was forever changed in fewer than 60 seconds. Some days it certainly feels like a lifetime while others it seems like it was yesterday when Ms. Cathy (a vision specialist with the Anchor Center) walked through our front door.

This dim, barely visible light was sparked inside me. It was my first experience with logic, some place to begin to make sense of all the nonsense we had endured. Ava had started having seizures Memorial Day weekend that year and it had been a long handful of months waiting, wondering, worrying...hoping. In hindsight it was an incredibly frail, gloomy time during our voyage into the unknown.

That spark is no longer dim and has kindled my family’s ability to understand, adjust and navigate this incredibly foreign territory we began as hopeful voyeurs. This territory I was, little by little, accepting as my new habitat. This place that I (we) now own, our abode built amid the authority of adversity. And when you can call someplace home, you usually find comfort there.


Perhaps this quote will help you true voyeurs begin to muddle over what I find so splendid about something that may seem so dreadful – “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” Author Unknown

If there is only one thing that I truly know in this world, it’s me. May is my least favorite month; transitions, Memorial Day, Epilepsy 5K’s and relentless schedules are just the very top layer…

Have I mentioned that Ava is graduating in a few weeks from Anchor School?? Have I mentioned that the foundation for our family’s community of support, faith in the unknown and acceptance & celebration of differences was founded here?

It’s a big move for this momma but I’m sure to master the mania. My unpleasant IEP experience hasn’t helped hold the transition monster at bay. I must admit that I have been fragile, moody & a bit sad this month despite all the reasons we have to celebrate. Hopefully you haven’t fallen in to those cross-hairs and if so, my apologies. ;)

Make note that I am pleasantly surprised at how far we’ve come this year. I know we will be alright. I know fear is a silly, sometimes unpredictable emotion. And most of all I know that Ava is better than special; she’s perfect - undiagnosed brain disorder and all.

Enjoy your holiday weekend! I will soon post about our fabulous 5K supporters at the Strides for Epilepsy last Sunday along with some funnies about Miss Aliza – she’s a character!

"When the heart weeps for what is lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found."- Sufi Proverb

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I see that the Mao Zedong Thought is strong in you.