Monday, April 19, 2010

Close to the Perfect Day

“Sometime in your life, hope that you might see one starved man, the look on his face when the bread finally arrives. Hope that you might have baked it or bought or even kneaded it yourself. For that look on his face, for your meeting his eyes across a piece of bread, you might be willing to lose a lot, or suffer a lot, or die a little, even.” ~Daniel Berrigan

Wow…it’s been one hell of a day; very surreal and hopefully a preview of great things to come. Mondays are busy for us, after preschool & lunch we cruise to Loveland for speech therapy just in time to cruise back home for physical therapy. Aliza doesn’t get nap time until at least 3:00 and is usually awaken by her sister’s protest to the ending of PT around 4:45.

Today was a little different. Today Aliza slept until shortly after 5:00. Today Ava decided she was going to go ahead and take a couple of steps (holding tightly to her blue chewy tube), then a couple more, then a whole lot more. Yes, finally, she has decided to walk. Her father and PT almost cried. I stood their in disbelief.

Tomorrow’s a different day. If Ava decides to go ahead and walk down the hall at school, I’ll allow myself to celebrate. After all, it was only last Monday she decided the blue chewy tube was an acceptable alternative to the walker.

Enjoy the pictures of the girls from the day. Tomorrow Liz Mae is 15 mos old and battin' for a 3rd night of poopin' on the little girl potty.  I have plenty of blogging to catch up on in regards to her, she's a pistol.

Ava's Troop was also established this fine day.  Please join us for a family event to raise money and awareness for Epilepsy on Sunday, May 23rd, at St Michael's Town Center in West Greeley.  There will be a pet watering station mid-course so bring the joggers, dogs, neighbors and kids.

In addition to a big day walking we got a big package on the porch from SouthPaw. Tomorrow the true sensory diet can begin. A platform, bucket & sling swing with a trapeze bar and the suspension equipment to make swing life easy on me…hooray…it’s certainly close to the perfect day.

To Ava…
“Life is mostly froth and bubble,
Two things stand like stone,
Kindness in another's trouble,
Courage in your own.”
~Adam Lindsay Gordon


ferfischer said...

What an awesome day!

Robyn said...

Wow, how amazing! I hope she gives you reason to celebrate tomorrow. You go, Ava!

Deana said...

How exciting!! I love the swing too!

HeatherS said...

Go Ava go! I LOVE the swing...I think I might want to curl up in there too. Congrats on the wonderful.