Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cone Zone Skating at the Big Bear

Well….I have survived the first half of my CNA course. The great news is that Joe, my mother and the girls have too! I’m not going to lie; getting home between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. after throwing classmates around in a lab making occupied beds, along with tasks like peri-care and transferring to a wheelchair is not at the top of my list of evening fun. Or any fun, for that matter. I take care of plenty of people and their poo most of the day, everyday as it is. Such is life ;)

My mom has taken the last couple of Tuesdays and Thursdays off at work to help us out. She has been keeping Aliza at home and making supper so Joe doesn’t have to. Lucky him…alright, me too as it is nice to not be entertaining the newbie toddler for four hours a day while sister is in school. It gives me a little time to study, grocery shop and catch up with all those other things that must be done.

Ava and I took an Anchor field trip to Big Bear Ice Arena in the Lowery neighborhood on Tuesday. Ava actually enjoyed the skates for a bit, single blade even. After about 5 minutes of trying to keep her legs together on the ice, in the skates, she decided she needed to EEEEEEAAAAT and that is pretty important stuff.

After a quick lunch we both went back on the ice sans skates and she had a blast. We used a cone to ride/slide on and Ava thought it was fantastic, belly laughs galore. The rink was almost empty which helped the entire group function well. Ava also has a professional ice skating teacher at Anchor; she goes on tour during the holidays and gave us a little show.

We will be attending the Tiny Tots Concert at Temple Emanuel (beautiful synagogue in the N Cherry Creek area) for our February field trip. It is given by The Junior Symphony Guild and it was a fantastic show last year. Aliza was about 3 weeks old and managed to snooze through the entire production so hopefully everyone is awake and ready to experience the bass, that’s the section we will sit near, very near.

The blog is fixed thanks to keeping the company of nice, intelligent friends. I will try to be better about adding links to some of the dribble that I type.  I will finish my class on February 19th and do not know when my state exam will be, soon after I hope. The book work is easy; the memorization for lab steps is a complete pain in the ass, very tedious. Not much creativity stemming from this brain until I pass that silly exam.

Until then, enjoy something more interesting than geriatric CNA care for me.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there!


Summer said...

Sounds like your doing a great job at school! Looks like the ice skating was a fun time! That is so great of your Mom for all the help!!!! Good luck on the next half of your class and test!!!!! You can do it!!!!!

HeatherS said...

Can't wait until you are done! I miss you! Lovely post and I'm so glad Ava liked the ice stop...skis! Two more weeks and we'll celebrate.