Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Luggage

In my mind, sometime during my childhood, appeared a nice plaid bag. It was an empty bag that seemed large and hollow through the eyes of such a young, innocent, naive child. The instructions accompanying this piece of luggage simply stated, you will need this on your journey through life; fill, empty and refill wisely.

I have had an overwhelming response to my last blog. I feel like I need to explain that sometimes my luggage needs emptied, at least a layer or two. Coincidently, most folks around me have their own bags, filled to the brim. With their own rules too; I’ve learned they don’t always welcome my clutter over flowing or mingling with theirs. They also don’t always see the necessity of cleaning the stench from their last trip out of the bag to prepare for the next one.

It doesn’t make it right or wrong…it just is.

Thank you all for the kind comments, emails and conversation. We all have our own luggage and yours is as important as mine. Please know that my heart bleeds for your bad times and finds warmth and strength in your good. Although my path is different, adversity visits all of our lives, daily.

Thanks for letting me air my laundry, lending an ear like a pro. I know that not everyone is comfortable with the frank, raw style this realist possesses. In general, my life is good, I feel blessed to have all of you with me.


HeatherS said...

Well said my friend. You have opened up your life and that always brings support and concern from other people.

This life is hard, but not hard in the ways that people think it would be. Sometimes I think others think we're closer to the 'edge' than WE think we are...just because our sense of reality (and maybe humor?) has become a little skewed. Hospice waiver be dammed.

Love you-

Kirsten said...

yours was PLAID? lucky... love ya!