Monday, November 23, 2009

Attitudes of Gratitude

The season of giving certainly is around the corner. Guilty of giving the faithful I-270/Quebec bum tissue packs this past week and I’ll admit I’m not big on supporting corner bums; they probably make way more cash than I. He has occupied the same corner for the past 3 years Ava and I have taken the trip to Anchor Center for the great ‘Thanksgiving Feast’ so why not spice up the last one a bit? I’m also thankful Tom, the turkey, was merely saved by chicken nuggets. Saving turkey’s that talk is good for the preschooler soul!

Speaking of souls and in celebration of “Attitudes of Gratitude” I am planning to attend a book signing for my girlfriend, Heather, to honor her first book publication of the Blessing Bowl story. It is the “Best Of” the new Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings edition. If you are interested in a signed copy or just reading the story and other great stories, please check out her blog at:

Last week we visited the Children’s Hospital special care clinic in Aurora. We have found a new ‘coordinating care’ provider for Ava whom is a geneticist to boot. Wow! Who knew a hospital of this size could actually have a tiny clinic tucked away on the first floor that might just make our medical care more convenient??? Well, thousands of dollars and 3 years later, we do.

Poor Ava was tortured with 2 shots, a poke for 3 large vials of blood, and a hurt ego. It doesn’t take her long to forgive us and she does much better than her father with needles. Another round of genetic and metabolic phish testing along with a tier two testing for a gene specific syndrome in question are in process. At the visit we were ambushed with H1N1 vaccinations…Aliza was spared and we all survived.

Mom, Jerry and Sue returned safely home from North San Diego County…with their grandma Frances in tow. Yep mother’s, grandma is still alive and currently residing in Loveland, about 15 minutes from my house.

Aliza is recovering from a hand injury of unknown origins. She is climbing up or pulling up on anything she can find and we think she got caught up in a blanket on the bed. Chunky monkey is on the move. The current phase is stranger anxiety but; only at the house and when you wear hats, Ava doesn’t like hats either.

Hooray to my Ipod Shuffle option and Steely Dan for giving me a replacement gig for ‘counting to ten’ in my head to gain composure with this little ditty…
I dance in place and paint my face and act like I belong here.
Throw back the little ones and pan fry the large ones; Use tact, poise and reason and gently squeeze them…
Ha! You didn’t think I was a Steely Dan fan, did you? I have been busy and I’ll give you my short list of what’s on the horizon:

*Larimer County Epilepsy Group – co-moderating with Heather who has done all the training and is largely responsible. We will be meeting in Loveland, the 2nd Tuesday of the month starting in January. Come see us at the Mandolin CafĂ©, 210 East 4th if you are interested. The group is for parents and individuals living with epilepsy/seizure disorders.

*Anchor Center Compass Group – Families Guiding Families (a PTO with flair ;) ) - helping with blog/web page creation

*Christmas photos of the girls

*Joe’s Christmas Party – Embassy Suites overnight style

*Another trip to the special care clinic in mid-January

Actually, we are blessed and find ourselves in the season of giving more often than we’d prefer. Some have requested ideas on where to give in honor of Ava for the holiday season so here are a few of the folks who help make her days brighter:

You never know, maybe I’ll think about the 10 things I’m most thankful for this year and share later this week. I’m considering the Turkey Trot in Loveland on Thursday morning. Whatever this turkey day finds you doing, be safe and celebrate!

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HeatherS said...

So happy to know you and have lunch on I take inventory of the things I am thankful for, you are on top of the list :)

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!