Saturday, October 31, 2009

SpOokY FuN!

It's my favorite holiday and was the best to date since I've had children.  We kicked it off by Trick or Treating in Old Town, Ft Collins, yesterday with mom, my friend Heather and the girls' friend Samantha.  We finished the morning off with a nice lunch at Rasta Pasta over a beer.

Today, mom came out and helped us.  We took the girls Trick or Treating around the neighborhood early evening while Joe handed out candy...his choice!   One of my neighbors said, "We need to be the neighborhood that Trick or Treats with a glass."  The next house I went to the fella says, "would you like a drink?"  That's my kind of Trick or Treating!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Sooo fun! Thanks for sharing all the photos!


HeatherS said...

Love it! Ava looks like she was having a great time! She's getting this candy thing down :)

SuzieQ said...

What a great time!! I had to smile at the "glass in her hand"! I did it up the same way...until my glass was empty. Thank goodness Nicholas is small enough that we could go home a little early. Next year I'll have to plan on refills!!