Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here’s the skinny on the circle….

Aliza Mae:
October 20th - 9 months old
22 lbs 14 oz
29 ¾”

She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything she can. She babbles a lot and has a great sense of humor. I must admit she brings a lot of fun to the house. She eats anything she can and shovels it in like there will never be another meal. She also LOVES to root like a piggy in her crib; especially after bath time…soft blankets are her thing and I will try to capture it on video to post soon.

We will be on a ‘Pumpkin Patch Field Trip’ on Tuesday. It is with Anchor and is in Longmont, very close to home. Then there will be a couple of Halloween parties at both schools on Wednesday and Thursday. Followed up with trick or treating on Saturday if weather and child permitting.

Ava and I will be attending Honk! at the Arvada Center in a few weeks. It is the winner of the Oliver Award for Best Musical and is an audio-described performance for the blind and visually impaired with preferential seating. The play is the story of The Ugly Duckling with some “contemporary hipness”. Mom is taking the day off to watch Aliza and we will attend with two of Ava’s pre-school friends and their mothers. It should be a wonderful morning; we don’t get to do things with out little sister much.

If any of you are interested in purchasing Usborne Books please consider purchasing under the following link to support Ava’s Anchor School’s book efair:

Joe and I celebrated our anniversary a few days early last night. We had a nice meal, sans kids, at the Stone House in Ft Collins. 9 years married, over 11 years together and I’m feeling a bit aged just typing that…. Next year we plan to be in South Lake Tahoe; that's where all this trouble started ;)

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