Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mae Mae's 6 Month

Height: 27 1/2"
Weight: 19lbs. 12oz.
Head: 17 3/4"

As you can probably tell, Aliza is still in the 95th percentile for growth. Her Dr. laughed as he showed me that a 15 mos. old can be her size and still on the chart. She wears 18 mos clothes already.

We are heading to a neurologist appointment for Ava and then to Nebraska this evening. We plan to be in Lincoln by tomorrow around noonish. Ava has had a fantastic day, seems the antihistamine may be working. We are interested to talk with her neuro.

I'll have lots of pictures to post after the trip. I will also get something posted about Sunset in the Country. Peace!


Robyn said...

Ha ha, your six month old weighs almost as much as my 2.5 year old! I make them small, what can I say? Glad Ava seems to be feeling better!

Anonymous said...

How awesome!!! Glad she checked out well. Nicholas is to the point where he runs around so much that he actually LOST a pound when checked at the dr this time around.
Have you ever had Ava checked by a chiropractor?? I think that if she is getting headaches that maybe some chiropractic care would benefit. I have a great friend that is a chiropractor and would LOVE to talk to you about it if you have any questions.
Hope all is well. Looks like you had a fabulous time in Nebraska!!