Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Much To Say...

Yes, Dave Matthews is reverberating through my brain - at the end of the verse he says "update your blog girl"

Well being busy isn't easy but it sure makes time fly ;) I am almost prepared to host my table at the big Sunset in the Country event and it was featured in the Denver Post last Friday by their social scene writer, Joanne Davidson...I am going to post the article below (*gasp* I'm not plagiarizing but it is hard to find the info on the website link)....

Pretty in pink.

One of the things that makes Sunset in the Country so much fun is the decor. Each table at this al fresco dinner and auction benefiting Anchor Center for Blind Children has a different theme, chosen by the host to reflect mood, hobby, special interest or whatever sounds good at the moment.

What's special this year? We're betting it's the three tables that the parents of Anchor preschoolers Haley, Ava and Abby are doing up in pink as a tribute to their daughters. They'll be set with pink tablecloths and silver chargers, with pink favors for each of the 30 guests.

James and Pamela Crowe are once again making their Cherry Hills Village estate available for the by-invitation soiree. They'll have a huge tent to accommodate the 555 guests who've already purchased tickets for a night that will include dinner by Footers Catering, live and silent auctions, and music by the 17th Avenue All-Stars.

It all happens on July 31; Mary Rogers, Joan Dixon and Denise Murray are the co-chairs.

Back to the reality of Podtburg me, we don't live near this social scene!

The results from Ava's GI testing at Children's were inconclusive and that is what we expected. No reflux, a bit of irritation in tummy and small bowel that could be from motrin, lactose intolerance or a bit of extra acid. We are trying to give her prevacid for a month or two just to get her lining back to perfect working condition.

We continue to be having the same problems which I am 99.9% convinced is headaches/migraines. The big question is, why is she getting them? We are going to start her on an antihistamine today or tomorrow to try and nail down a reason for headaches. We will be back at the neurologist next week and I will get into more details then. Her health care and med administration has become complex to say the least.

We will be heading to Aliza's 6-month on Monday, she is a big girl so I promise to update on her growth. She continues to be the adhesive that keeps us together, she is the happiest baby I have ever seen. Her smile captivates most folks, even in the stroller I find people interacting with her that don't seem likely candidates.

We are off to Nebraska for a Morrissey (Joe's mothers) family reunion next weekend. Mother will travel with us and Uncle Jerry is loaning us his truck so all of us can fit into one vehicle. We hope to stop by North Platte, Lincoln and Fremont in addition to staying at Mahoney State Park a couple of nights for the actual reunion. Sadly, we have no definite plans yet and plan to cross that bridge after the big party this weekend.

Joe and I were fortunate to get away Saturday evening for a wedding in Berthoud. In light of our current challenges we need to try and schedule some time to ourselves more often, I think the entire family would benefit. Mom watched the girls and I got my first drunk on! A good time was had by all, the bar was wide open all night.

I'll post picture of all the fun as soon as I can. Enjoy your week!

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