Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we arrived in Aurora and checked in to Children's around 8:15 (those folks at E470 cashless toll billing love us ;) ). Ava's procedure was scheduled for 10:15 and Joe took her back to go to sleep around 10:25. The doctors (anesthesia and GI) were out and talked to us before 11:00.

Everything looked normal in the scoping through her tummy and into her small intestine, we've even got some lovely pictures they took. He told us that 30% of the time the biopsies they take do not match what the eye sees when they look with the scope. We should have the results by next Friday, the following Monday at the latest but everything looked normal. That is always good and knocks one more thing off the check list of possibilities which is quickly dwindling.

They also placed a wire (like small computer type wire) down her nose for a pH test. We should have the results of that by Wednesday. This test is the reason we had to stay overnight. There was a little machine hooked to the wire and we had to record her activities on it and in a journal. She could also only eat or drink every three hours for 35 minutes maximum so her tummy would completely empty. Aside from that they wanted us to do what we "normally do"...

Joe, Aliza and I all stayed with her. Joe went to work (job site is in Denver, not far from hospital) after the procedure for the rest of the day . Liz and I sat in recovery with Ava and I actually carried her up to her room on the 8th floor while the nurse pushed Liz in the joovy with all of our stuff...and there is a lot of stuff for 4 overnight. Ava and I relaxed and watched the Bee Movie while Liz took a little snooze for the afternoon. She likes the reclining bed, TV thing in the hosptial.

Aside from being next to the busiest nurses station on the floor, our night was a bit more comfortable thanks to some help from some old pros! Thanks to Heather and Sammer, Joe got to sleep on a cot instead of in the uncomfortable recliner. Heather also gave the momma some good cookies, red wine and fantastic therapy for our Friday night in. In a funky way, it was very pleasant.

On a different note...Happy Birthday to Samantha...Happy Birthday to Sam...Happy Birthday dear Sam...Happy Birthday to you!!! Sorry the party was moved to the 8th floor and look forward to celebrating soon when you are feeling better. You looked so pretty this morning getting your beauty rest, get better soon because your mom and I have a picnic to attend ;)

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Jennifer said...

Hey Taz - I haven't been by in awhile - I see you are keeping busy and looking for answers - I hope you find them - 4 more treatments to go and I hope I get some time off for awhile - love all of your pics - esp the one of ava smiling next to Liz