Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where's the Red Button?

First, I apologize for not being able to keep everyone updated as quickly as I had intended. On Tuesday we were told they would be keeping us until at least Friday so I went home that night to prepare the girls and I for the rest of the week and drop Joe off so he could return to work since someone has to make some money! I grabbed my laptop at that time but never got it to the hospital room as Wednesday morning came around and we were told there was a strong chance we were going home that day....and we did.

I don't think we were ready to go home but hey, I'm no doctor. This was our first hospitalization for Ava and my first experience with learning the ropes of keeping up with those pesky med students and nurses who don't chart things as quickly as they should. I love all that we accomplished but those folks have some communication problems at TCH.

We got home around 8:30 last night and Ava was in the same shape she was in when we took her to the ER on Monday. To make a long story short we found my new love, Zofran, an anti-nausea drug used primarily for chemo patients. It was prescribed to me for morning sickness when I was pregnant with Liz so I happened to have a few stashed in the cupboard and it sure came in handy last night. Where the hell is that damn red button when you get home? I sure could have used it as I am still very, very sleepy. We went to Ava's primary care dr today and got a script so everyone is happy now.

Ava is not responding to the hyped up ibuprofen they were giving her, she is responding well to the zofran. Who knows why?? I guess they have found some folks with migraines respond to the med. The attending Dr the night she was admitted came up with this brilliant idea because she could not have narcotics since they were doing a continuous EEG study that night. Man I'd like to kiss her...Zofran & Tordal=Sleepy, happy Ava.

What we accomplished:
*CT scan of brain and sinus cavity - Normal and given on ketamine aka Special K & I have video
*A visit everyday from a neruo team of 5 kick ass women - No new or additional neuro problems but suspect headache and need to get a grip on sleep situation - Also noted Aliza was extraordinarily coming along both socially and by milestones, little sister was very good and got plenty of attention at the hospital too.
*X-ray of abdomen - Normal, a bit of constipation
*Continuous EEG - no change from prior, no clinical seizures
*Video from continuous EEG so folks can SEE this behavior
*A visit from Psych - She is not least not yet ;) They did remind us "those epilepsy drugs she takes have not been studied in children her age"
*A visit from a pediatric dentist - Kudos to mom and dad for the great dental hygiene, grandma had to endure this while I took Joe home.
*A visit from an opthomologist-No pressure on the optic nerve or glaucoma from topomax & kudos to Dr Arnold for the beautiful surgery.

Conclusion: We just don't know but suspect some type of headache must be going on. She needs a sleep study because she still has no good REM pattern. We are going to send you home and have her take motrin. The attending is gone so I can not write a script. ARRRGGHHHH, It's a whole other blog.

Love to all and thanks for all the kind words. When I catch up on sleep I'll have a few blogs of our happenings the last couple of days at the hospital.

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