Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fatty, Fatty, Two by Four!

Aliza Mae had a fantastic 4-month check up. She is healthy as a horse according to her Dr. She measured in at...

17 lbs 3 oz
26 in

once again in the 95th to off the charts percentile. She continues to be a very good baby with lots of smiles. She went over a week with out pooping and I had to give her a glycerin suppository, not fun but it is nothing compared to a seizure protocol so I'll take it. With a smile at that.

Neither of the girls are feeling well, hopefully it is a quick moving bug. Ava seems to have a sore throat, possibly ear ache and a whole list of tantrum troubles to compliment the bug. Joe called her neuro today, we hope to have something to work from in the department of I'm the most pissed off 3-year old you have ever met. I must say we are ALL at our wits end.

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Kirsten said...

sounds like beer thirty; damn maybe somebody's birthday is coming up????