Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blahg, Blahg, Blahg

I have survived our week long trip to Nebraska and South Dakota with little lingering effects to speak of. It was fun, interesting and exhausting to describe it minimally. We love staying with the Ginkens family in Gordon and had a few extra visitors to share my Grandma's house in Sturgis with. I however do not have many pictures of the trip due to juggling my two kids with all the disruption travel brings to their (mainly Ava's) daily routines

I have had some trying weeks recently advocating for Ava and her transition into the public schools along with the loss of home health therapists and the insurance options that come with that. We also have a couple of family friends who have fallen very ill to cancer. Another trip to Gordon will be in our near future, probably even Joe's.

Ava's IEP went as expected once again. I had to sit across the table from an IDIOT teacher of the visually impaired whom insists my child can see and needs no vision services. Annoying is the nicest I can describe the situation at this time. I am in the process of doing what needs to be done to set him straight...I so want to choke him with my bare hands but we know that will not help much. Interestingly the speech pathologist who will be working with Ava at her home school next year grew up in Chadron, NE. For those of you who don't know where that is, it is very close to where I grew up.

She will be attending Anchor again next year if I have to beg, borrow and steal to make it happen. We are in the process of wrapping up the school year there and mentally preparing for the big hostess gig in July. For those of you attending, be looking for your invitation shortly by mail.

Liz Mae turned 4 months old this past week. She will be getting her immunizations, height and weight Tuesday morning. I'll post something so everyone knows how big the chunky monkey has grown. We call her fatty, fatty 2 by 4. She started rolling over on her big birthday and is actually rotating and getting to the toys she wants in the immediate area. She makes me all teary eyed, I needed a baby for a bit longer. I'm sure we will be starting cereal and formula soon. She is an absolute joy and already a nice motivator for her big sister. I don't think I've known a more smiley baby.

I should finally be getting a replacement camera for my Kodak that broke while on our California trip. I hope to have more photos and video to share of the girls soon. We are in full Nuggets mode, having fun with the playoffs this year. We made it for a quick trip to the mountains today but it is pretty rainy in our neck of the woods. I'll settle for the moisture and it will be nice to have Joe home an extra day for the holiday. This is my dreaded holiday weekend, it marks 3 years since Ava had her first seizures.

Be safe!

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