Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rio Rancho or Bust

Well, we've made it to's been over 700 miles since we left Johnstown on Friday afternoon. The trip, it completely sucked. We arrived at the North Albuquerque Hilton Garden Inn around 11:30 p.m. Way past Ava's bed time. She does not dig riding in the car for long periods of time anymore and REFUSES to sleep (she wouldn't want to miss anything...must get that from her dad). To be more specific she screamed for nearly two hours, Raton to, well two hours down the damn road.

We made last minute plans to take this trip so Joe and his sister Sarah could visit their Grandma Marie. Yep, Ava's middle name is taken from hers. Bless her gentle heart, she had a nice life, raised a wonderful family, is a genuine sweetheart. I hope her soul soon finds peace. We love you Grandma J.

On a different note, back to Durango where we are sitting on the balcony of our hotel room at the Double Tree. Listening to the Animas River that just happens to be around 15 feet away. Hell, it may even be a damn creek but it sounds wonderful, has Ava knocked out and is already pretty full of water. The Durango area is dry for the most part considering the feet of snow they received this winter.

I'm tired so I'll post more about things later. Ava had lots of fun with her cousin Lanah, we have some cute pictures I'll share.

Peace to all, I've finally found some this weekend. I can't wait to get home. Sweet dreams Grandma J.

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HeatherS said...

Sounds like a tough trip but a necessary one in the long run :) Give my love to Grandma J.

YAY Ava for sitting up. You keep getting mad baby girl!

Keep writing!

Heather and Samantha