Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inaugural Adam’s Camp Summer

Well hello there! It's been some time since I've stopped by, I do have a great therapy story I promised to share before it slips my mind.

Day 1 Canoe Kickoff
We finally bit the bullet and attended Adam's Camp the second week of July. Ava participated in the Pathfinder Program and Aliza attended the Sibling Program. If you live in or near the Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Alaska and (rumored to be coming soon to) Lake Tahoe, CA/NV area and are looking for intensive therapy options, check them out.

I was an intensive therapy camp (general camp too) virgin. My exceptions were simply that Ava had fun and didn't rebel enough to make me regret paying a shit ton of money to be there. And hey, we had fun, rebellion, and made progress.

No sleep for Ava (or me) the first night. As a result she made it a little over half way through her first day of camp and we decided I should take her to snooze...after she threw up in the sensory bean box. Yeah, shaking it up a little. Before the bean incident she pepped up enough to enjoy some canoeing. I hear she gave them a run for their money (from a girlfriend that was dropping her little off) shortly before rowing the canoe with the lovely A Dubey, OT/L. She napped hard and woke in time to hit the campfire that night.

Day two brought a better rested Ava. She started the day at her intensive therapy shack and ended it at the swimming pool. It was a good day, we all slept a little the previous night.
Day 2 Swimming: K Costanza MT-BC, NMT serenading me.
Day three was another packed 5-hours for Ava. Mom, Angela and I took a sneak over to Hot Sulphur Springs for a dip in the pools, we joined a handful of other camp moms. It's always nice to smell like a gigantic match and get your magnesium fix. I don't recall ever being there in the heat of the summer so it was a new twist on an old favorite.

Day 3: Rock Wall Climbing
New found love for the ball pit

Petting Zoo Stop 

Day four was Ava's favorite, hippotherapy! I was able to sneak off for an hour mountain trail ride with mom, Aliza, Angela, Jenny & kids. It was Aliza's first ride ever and she had no fear, lots of advice for the rest of us (lean back, pull the reins, etc.) and a sore butt as we neared the end. Aliza respects the spirit of a horse, she is still unsure if she's a cowgirl.

Cabasa Cowgirl

Saturday was Day 5, Ava & Aliza finished up their last day of camp. The big kids hiked to the beautiful water fall pictured below. We decided to forego our last night in the cabin and hit the road late afternoon. We took the scenic route and enjoyed the slow-paced drive and scenery of Rocky Mountain National Park. We packed some great memories and a ton of information over the pass to share with Ava's team.

Until next year we will be practicing Pattern Sensory Enhancement, rhythmic cues in floor to stand motor planning, seeking an Every Movement Counts assessment and exploring the iLs program...

A special shout out to Team Poppy!
Sara Rode, MA, CCC-SLP
Jeannemarie Fagan, PT, DPT
Kathryn Costanza, MT-BC, NMT
Amy Dubey, OTR/L
Volunteers: Jessica Z and Jeri S

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