Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cheerio 2013

“If we walk far enough," says Dorothy, "we shall sometime come to someplace.” - L. Frank Baum

As usual I’ve had some extreme highs and I’ve had some dark lows. I’ve had some shitty luck with kids catching the puke virus and my credit card numbers being stole. I’ve also been touched (literally) by an incredible tribe of resilient women which I drug my bestie to meet last spring in NYC. To top it off, Aliza Mae has taught me the quintessential art of picking my battles.

2013 I’m not too sad to bid you adios. I think I’m equipped for the New Year; give me all you’ve got 2014. I used to roll my eyes when I heard that adage, you know the one regarding the days being long but the years being short...

I’m slowly becoming my mother, gawd help me!
P.S. The girls had a great photo session last week; you can see some smiles by clicking here.

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