Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lily LightAide Visits!

Lily arrived mid-morning Thursday! Ava has been a little under the weather so when I delivered it to school I took Ava home with me instead of leaving Lily there. I did have the opportunity to give her Special Education teacher a quick run down on how to work the LightAide. She is impressed and enthusiastic about this opportunity; they will be using it daily at school during our 2-week trial. Ava’s vision teacher is equally enthusiastic to explore the potential the LightAide has for Ava and future students as well.

As you can see, Ava is not disappointed. Take a look at her first time with the LightAide. This is Thursday afternoon, after waking from her long nap (please excuse the background noise & amateur filming)!

To learn more about the Light Aide Backpacking Program click here

To learn more about Lily LightAide click here


Kris Chadwick said...

Love it!!! So excited to see her use it at school!

Deana said...

Such a cool gadget!!! I'm glad she likes it!