Saturday, August 11, 2012

Holy Hippo!

The short of it: I was blessed to grow up around horses and love them. Since Ava was a baby I have explored many options to get her on one and finally I have had success. Recently we all said good-bye to Miss Ann (our physical therapist we love dearly that has made weekly home visits since all this madness began) and took her suggestion seriously to give hippotherapy a try. We have searched years for the right therapist, location, etc. and I feel the waiting was worth it. Miss Ann will still meet us to play, after nearly 6-years you just can't say goodbye to those that become extended family. More like intimately close family as it takes a village and she has been the mayor.

We started seeing Brent, owner of My Heroes, two weeks ago. The first day we did some testing on an Equicizer, created to train racing jockey's. Ava was ready and able to ride by week 2. The first week she learned to pat the Equicizer two times to make the horse go. She started week 2 by patting 2-times, reminding everyone that she knew how to go! Honestly, she blew mom, myself, the PT and therapeutic riding instructor (we are doing this at the CSU Equine Center) away. We also made her use her arms to hit a red light for stop and a green light for go, very successfully.
I hated my helmet, until I met Deputy

HaHaHa sister, you don't get to ride.
I can see more good things to come...she is pulling to stand and bunny hop crawling in the last few weeks. She has never crawled. I think it is a combination of good seizure control (and finally a descent epileptologist consistently in our life), maturation and great therapist since the beginning. Honestly, I was beyond amazed at how well she was following directions and demonstrating cognitive functions of a much higher level than most demand from her.

We have searched high and low for motivators, both positive and negative since she was a wee one. Horses seem to top of the list. Brent is also an excellent Physical Therapist, already giving me shit about being too soft on her...and it is welcomed as I need a weekly check. Brent has also has followed through on getting a therapeutic riding instructor to work with Aliza (starting in September) while Ava has her therapy.

We miss our lovely OT Beth (moved from Loveland to Ft Collins clinic) and are now struggling to decide if we will visit her in the new clinic or give some hippotherapy a try with fine motor focus. I will continue to blog about our adventures with horses. It makes my heart very happy and hopeful to have this fall into place, for both my girls.
You mean I get to ride soon?

We are off to Nebraska for our last summer ho-rah next week. School starts promptly after that, I'm sure you can find me belly up, celebrating somewhere ;)

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