Monday, May 28, 2012

Adventures with A&A

The end of the school year was brutal, busy, a bit of a blur. I did manage to document the month with some photos.
Aliza learned to ride her big girl bike in early May.
Next it was the Kindergarten field trip to the Denver Zoo
Followed up with their Spring Concert-Ava & Ms April
Preschool Program/Graduation
Ending the year with a Cozy Cow field trip

Ending kindergarten with a COLD field day
Finding our summer groove!

As usual, there is much to share but little time to do it. I will be spending a day with the neuroscience department at CHC to finalize the scheduling project I had the pleasure of participating in via the Process Improvement Department, this week.  Next week Ava will be in the Rett Clinic, following up with her Epileptologist in mid-June. We will also make it to Sturgis before July to visit with my grandma.

I hope to get the girls some music therapy lined up along with hippo therapy for Ava (riding time for Aliza) this summer. I have my eyes on a couple of great therapist. Probably more ambitious than I have the resources for but, I will keep dreaming ;) Fall will be here about the time I adjust to the insanity and make a plan.

I am also cooking up CDKL5 fundraising ideas…

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