Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reaching Beyond

I have a gigantic smile to blog with today which I will reveal later. There is so much going on with Ava, so many new ideas and doctors that I feel dizzy, at least a bit more than usual. I now trust a holistic (ABIHM) neuro-psychiatrist to lead the pharmaceutical way. We now visit Dr Shannon in Ft Collins; he is also on staff at UC/TCH. She is down one seizure/mood stabilizing drug and on about four new apothecary products. Certainly life might be a bit more predictable with a little mood stabilizing help but there is no luck with that for now.

CoQ10: Good for the heart but being used for cell energy with Ava, more specifically to better absorb nutrients. It is also supposed to help with migraines.

Frutol aka Emulsified Fish Oil for the obvious neurotransmission, brain food stuff. It is thick, a bit funky for me.

Iron-C: mysteriously she is fairly low in iron but not anemic. Vitamin D levels are also good so my understanding is that this was not expected.

Melatonin: It has been a nice addition to the mad amount of diazepam she takes at night-y, night time. It didn’t work when she was a baby but this time around it seems to help her fall asleep faster and get back to sleep when she wakes in the night.

Until we visit Dr Benke and Dr Gallagher in the neuro/metabolic clinic at TCH in early-mid April there will be no more med changes. Ah-hem, we are all a little edgy at this house.

Today I got a text from an Anchor Center TVI whom I adore. She was in Seattle, WA at the National AFB Conference and wanted to share what she experienced at this session:

Session: 102
Title: Reach Out and Teach: Revised, Revamped, and Refocused for Today
Speaker: Dr. Kay Ferrell
Description: An advance look at the revised and expanded second edition of Reach Out and Teach, designed for parents of infants and preschoolers, will be presented at this session.

The happy news, I have been sitting on for a month or so…Ava and her dad made the cover of a lovely book.  I’m excited Alice at Anchor appears to have kept it a secret too. We are all very excited to see the pre-print images of the Anchor Center sensory garden shot.  AND this isn’t my picture so don’t rip it off. When the book is available to purchase, I’ll post the link for anyone interested in doing so.

Aliza is the funniest little stinker ever. I’ll pass on some really good stuff from her in the next post. I will soon have the link for Team Ava Epilepsy 5K info up also.


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