Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Celebrating a Tiny & Mighty Life

Surreal can be the only way to describe the experiences I’ve had this year with telling little people goodbye; many, many years ahead of their time. Little Braxton’s service was lovely, I am so grateful to have spent a weekend with him and to have been able to attend his service and enjoy him vicariously through the nurses and many others whom helped make his short life so sweet.

The service was all about Spunkers, even the music was straight from his multi-sensory toy…his morning, afternoon, and evening songs were celebrated. The three NICU nurses whom cared for him the most spoke remarkably about what a mighty little warrior he was. The first note being that no one had seen lungs as awful as his and how they still felt it was a miracle his little body ever received oxygen in the nearly nine months he blessed them with.

They shared stories of all types, helped explain who he was and how his life had truly touched so many others in such a short time. They brought clarity to the daily routines he held, his favorite toys, games, people and what a lucky guy he was to have such a wonderful mommy. Each of them had a different poem or story of lovely things like pennies from the playground wishing well in heaven and how grandma would take care of him and also assured Tricia that they would both check in.

The first good sign of being welcomed at the gigantic Baptist Church which Grandpa Bill and I quickly noticed was this…

Yep, we felt right at home and couldn’t resist the photo opportunity after the service. There was a Native American conference wrapping up the week so we borrowed their teepee to offer a little prayer smoke to the gods. Just like home indeed!

I left Oklahoma City with peace in my heart. I know that a good majority of thank yous are complete, plans for a memory garden are on the horizon and Tricia will get there. NICU nurses that promise to take her for a round of golf from time to time and old friends that will check in makes leaving her there so quickly much easier to do. Mostly a heart that has found a love like no other, as hard as it has been for her, is the best serenity a soul can find…thank you Braxton for letting Tricia become your mother.

I have much to blog about. We have taken a drastic change in treatment with Ava. Cheers to you, hope to be back soon!


Deana said...

It sounds like a lovely memorial. My thoughts are still with your friend.

Hope the treatment for Ava is going to work!

Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing about the service. I am so glad you were able to be there. Hugs!

Maria Hopfgarten said...

Thanks for sharing about the memorial, and the impact of little Braxton's life on others.
I am happy you could be there with your friend.
Love, Maria.