Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm Your Pusherman

Happy blah blah; merry blah, blah ditty dah dah blah. At least that part is over and we are on to much more exciting things at this house. I can always count on the comfort zone rug getting pulled out from beneath me when I think we are nearing a more tolerable pattern of existence. My big girl panties are on reserve, hopefully we move forward with this complete med shake up with only trivial incidents.

Yep. Neurology appointment for Ava was cancelled last Wednesday. Sunday night around 10:00 was a bit more ideal time for her neuro to call me for a chat about the last 6-months with her. It was especially odd for me in many ways.

Dr S: “I think it is time we moved from seizure drugs towards something to help tackle her anxiety and headaches. I think drug A is probably driving her rage. You will need to get a psychiatrist close to home so they can work with us and help you monitor these pharmaceuticals more often.”

Me: “Uh-hum.” In the back of my mind I’m thinking…where the f*%k did this come from.

Dr S: “Here are a few options…benzodiazepines can be changed up; perhaps clonazepam in place of the diazepam would work better. We also have lexipro, like Depakote and an additional headache drug (we’ll discuss this later) outside of the topamax to try. There is lemictal to treat seizures but I just don’t anticipate that being a problem. I think it is at least time to try and I’m not sure her EEG will ever be nice.”

Me: “And we will figure out what med to use as we go?”

Dr S: “Yes, I’ll think about this a bit more tonight and your orders will be in the mail tomorrow.”

So maybe it was about 25-minutes long but none the less, I always feel like I have been bombarded by the Pusherman after a nice conversation about our options. Then the Pusherman gives me a quick lesson on how to wane the old and wax the new meds, like I’m a Jr. Pusherman or something. Maybe in my pre-kid life ;)

She is a great neuro and honestly about 2-years ago I was hurt neuro/psych wanted nothing to do with us. Sorting out med and behavior issues has always been a struggle and lingering question/option for any other professional to fall back on. It should be interesting and we have not seen seizures for years so I’ll take a leap of faith towards a fresh approach.

I have done some research through the county, Larimer County that is. Two, yes 2 psychiatrists that see pediatric patients with neuro-psych needs. One dabbles in homeopath options as a bonus and comes decorated nicely from CU, the other takes insurance.

We are only 2-days into the groove and things are still smooth but this change is one of the more drastic ones we’ve braved. Stay tuned, I have nicer subjects to touch upon soon.


Deana said...

I hope all of the med changes help..and don't cause any problems.

Anonymous said...

Sending good luck wishes, too. You seem to have landed on your feet despite the late hour of the day.

Rebecca said...

Keep me posted on all of this! I hope you hit on the right drug in the first round. Can you email me the names of both Dr. I can never have too short a list of those we might need...