Friday, December 10, 2010

There is a speck of correlation between the amount of time I spend spouting off about my woos & woes to this damn blog and the order maintained inside my wee head. Yeah, maybe a phone call to a friend, a good drunk or a moment of silence would be more worthy but who has time for any of that? I rarely get bathroom breaks alone at this point.

The complicated thing is this little novelty called sleep. Historically I have been a good trooper with small doses. Not so much anymore.

I am tired, more like beat. Beyond exhaustion. The coffee is even wearing thin. And honestly it keeps me skinny and scattered, better than crack.  My luggage needs a good cleaning.

It must be kind of what Jerry Garcia felt like after wandering all those years. And probably Forrest Gump after all that running too. Maybe even Willie is finally getting the yawns?

At least they have a good excuse. Mine certainly isn’t a nice bender or a scenic jog across the country. Frankly, I always envisioned my troubles as coming from a scenario more like partaking with a band of gypsies rolling down the highway. Not a big fat dose of motherhood wrapped up with a college degree I have little time for.

What are you gonna do?

On my short list is saving the world. Next is catching you nuts up on the Podtburg gossip. Ava and Aliza are growing quicker than weeds. At least the grass is still green in the front and backyard with an added bonus of temps warm enough for outside play.

I hate being out and about this time of year, seasonal stress makes people suck. More.

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Krista :) said...

Lol! Can I just say that I RELATE? I got your package Friday...thank you so much for the magnet...means the world to have that artwork adorn my frige!