Sunday, December 19, 2010

Girly Girl

It has proven to be simple to forget just how much things can and do change in a short amount of time. Ava is feeling pretty sophisticated lately. Her school peeps have been cracking up about all sorts of her shenanigans. I’ve warned them about her teasing and funny bone; they finally get to see that side of her more often than not. A little birdie has already been on my ass about her current transition plan for next year. That’s a few more blogs for some other time.

On Tuesday she began randomly roaming the entire house. Just like that, out of nowhere. She still struggles with the transition from sitting to standing so Ava isn’t totally independent yet. She is getting closer; cane use is becoming more of a priority outdoors and in unfamiliar environments. We are also really working on stairs as she needs this skill for complete independence of movement in our home (safety first). The normal has become resistance to help walking in lieu of insisting on it for participation in the process.

Talking seems to be moving along also, as one would expect. This would be the best bonus but her odd neuro/sleep problems are not good signs for language development, ever. She has already passed the expectations of where she would be so I’ll take it. I still recognize a large amount of frustration due to being stuck inside of herself…I reckon it would piss me off too.

She has a level 2 APH light box kit at school and has been making some very nice choices to questions like ‘what is something you eat?’ and ‘where is the ball?’ type of themes. Her TVI sent a thank you note to her that mentioned what a nice job she had done with O&M on Wednesday with the icane. I am not a fan of the icane, hoping to move to a ball cane soon. She is only interested in holding the icane with one hand for me, which pretty much defeats the purpose.

She is getting pretty girly too, into jewelry and such. She certainly doesn’t get that from me.

Ava, Aliza (for the 2nd time), mom and I went to Zoo Lights Thursday night with her lovely little boy friend from school. It was a cold end to the night but Ava held it together well. Considering I forgot to put her SPIO on so we started the visit out shaking off car sickness…not to mention SENSORY VISUAL OVERLOAD by the end. I’m glad they serve spirits. We had a lovely time with the family we spent the evening with. Dad was working in the mountains so he missed out.

From my perspective, our lives are more chaotic than ever so I am pleasantly surprised with all Ava has accomplished this fall. Joe and I could use some stability and a bit of a break from our reality every now and then. There has been enough work to bring Joe back part-time and it appears he will be back full time after the first of the year. YIPPEEE!

I’ve got a lot on my plate but hope to write a bit more than I have lately. I have this newly surfaced inner battle with myself about learning to say no but sometimes committing to advocacy for Ava is the only way I get away in a guiltless manner. I need a nice fix of BALANCE.

On that same note it feels good to know that I have been part of Anchor Center Compass meeting our goals for family outreach support in less than two years, committing to the FtColllins/Loveland support group and 5K committee for EFCO (May 1st is the Greeley event) and keeping up with my accounting business. All this over scheduling of my time has been quite productive.

The University of Colorado (TCH campus) is also conducting a research study on the super moms I am so thankful to be a part of. Not a huge burden but 2-4 hours of interview I am trying to fit in the next week or two along with some history on Ava and our travels. Wow! It is encouraging to know that the future super moms of the world may have the lay of the land mapped a bit better should they choose to take advantage of it. This life is nuts and no one should attempt to navigate it alone.

Outside of needing to be less medical/research/geeky-mad science and more supportive due to a new Rocky Mountain Children's Hospital they are interested in what we talk about, how we make medical decisions based on each other, what we like about it, don’t like....the list goes on.

Someday I promise a blog about all the outside things (different types of support group moderation/creation, training, non-profits, state legislation testimony and advocacy) the super moms are involved with in addition to being super moms. It’s really quite amazing. It just might inspire you to get off your ass and be part of making your community a better place.

No one is exempt from service; my holiday message this year if I were to send one. There will be no holiday cards from us due to lack of pictures to send in the cards. I promise to schedule this event so look for us in your mailbox after the first of the year.

Wishing you the best this holiday season!

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Deana said...

So great to hear about Joe's job! I hope it works out that he gets on full time again!

Hope your week slows a bit and you can enjoy the holidays together!