Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Expect the Unexpected From a Fairy

So, the last thing I expected from 2010 was this...
Its funny how something like loosing a first tooth can catch a bunch of grown ups off guard. Something so normal passing by so fast and effortlessly for Ava is a bit out of character. We had noticed the loose tooth less than a week ago but I figured it would drag on as various things have.

Instead, she pulled it out herself. She wasn’t quite successful at getting it out of her mouth so she hunted Liz Mae and me down.

Santa brought Aliza a Thomas the Train and we were just settling in her bedroom to play 'choo choo' today when Ava entered the doorway a bloody mess with the biggest, cheesiest, bloodiest grin. Mouth, face, neck, hands, blood was everywhere and I wasn’t quite sure if she had pulled the tooth out; all the way.

Uh hum, next thing you know I was digging for the pesky tooth between her gums and bottom teeth so it didn't get swallowed while she laughed at my efforts. Aliza was pretty appalled with the whole happening, especially the tooth itself.

I guess I should have gotten her that tooth fairy pillow for Christmas after all. She visited the ophthalmologist today, notice the dilated eye look?

How about that side sitting??  Love that SPIO and some great therapist too.  We visit neurology next week, I feel a med change coming on...


Deana said...

Good lookin' girl! What will the tooth fairy bring her? Max's tooth fairy brings him lollipops.

And love the side sitting! Hope the neuro appointment goes well tomorrow.

Ash said...

Always kind of freaky when it happens, isn't it? My 4-yr-old has started losing his - too early!! My older son gave the Tooth Fairy a break until 6. She needs to stock up ;)

Good luck with the appointment!