Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Goodbye Election Night

In lieu of a revitalizing, much needed night with my super moms I gift you this scrumptious morsel. It has got to be better than election night coverage.

I’m ashamed to say that I am in search of my attitude of gratitude this year. It’s been hard for everyone here. I know, all of you too. My husband was laid off from his nice paying UNION job in late August and things have been a little funky since.

We are not starving, just adjusting. To a life dictated by decisions about the health care of one of us, something we have been able to dismiss until now. Ava has some pretty rich insurance and hubby has a very wee amount of work hours left to be on the other side of his journeyman card. This makes obvious choices less likely candidates currently.

That’s not really the issue though. Money is really much lower on the pole of priorities than the benefits of his job and the rules of Medicaid along with all those wait lists. I do work, a few different jobs. We will not starve.

Having no control over the health of our daughter sucks, I figured one of the sticker situations I would feel this vulnerable in. Having no control over the way our family can handle being laid-off WITH job attachment, almost suckie-er. When the work comes, the job is there. When the work comes…

I’m pretty sure the other ramifications are obvious. Although at this point, Hakuna Matata. We will survive, fairly unscathed I bet. I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. Instead focus on not killing the new week-day help ;)

On a better note, it is National Epilepsy Awareness month. I was privileged to kick it off yesterday at the Anchor Center…talking about seizures and vision to parents of their infant/toddler program with JC; a very seasoned & respected TVI there. It is always refreshing just to visit, a bonus to be passing along all this wisdom inside my crazy, questionable head. I think me and my buddy Allison will be back in January to give the staff some sizzling, epilepsy facts. 

Yep, I am starting to step outside the managerial accounting me and think about who the next me can be. I’m confident I can use that accounting degree (and nice resume experience) for lots of things, one bonus. I have also come to terms with the probable means I have to commit and it is certainly not daily between the hours of 8 and 5. This life plan I am finally letting go of. Over it. For now.

Grant writer, advocate, or my own thing? What thing? Who knows? At this time, not me. Pretty big step to decide another thing may suit me better. I need an adult focus for sure.

I hated the cyclical nature of business anyways, most months and years at least. I always figured I could have applied myself, perhaps found something a bit more exciting given that it did encompass a very considerable amount of my life. Walla, here I am, plenty of excitement.  Wishing I was delving into the soulful thoughts of my lovely friends.

When next months excitement could be unimaginable; where or what is it that is capable of forgiving these unexpected diversions?? Maybe I’ll come up with something. 

Until then, cheers! I think I'll have another. Look at these cuties.


Deana said...

I needed a night with the supermoms too...in fact, I think we'd just be winding it up about now!

I hope you all find what your 'next thing' is soon. It does suck to not know what's coming next.

Robyn said...

Wow, I had no idea about Joe. Note to self-be better friend. I find that the not knowing is the worst part if you are a professional worry wort like myself. But sometimes you really do just have to let go, it's easier said than done. So much in fact that I can't take my own advice! I'm sure hope something fantastic is right around the bend for you guys.

Krista :) said...

I love ya...here if ya need anything too. Yeah, way down here I am...but! I have wheels and have been known to travel! :)