Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Counting is Fun

Time is certainly leaving me in the dust this fall. We have had a lot of action since my last post, here’s a little update.

Aliza is Ms Busy Bee and keeps the rest of us very busy, indeed. She can count to 10, sing the ABC song and is recognizing some letters, numbers and sight words. She is a sensory seeker and surprises us with her agility, climbing and throwing skills. She can do back flips, just one of her “cool tricks”, down an air mattress if you leave it out for her to wedge on top of the couch. We are browsing tumbling classes; I fear broken bones and stitches as part of being Aliza’s mom. I probably deal with seizures better than blood so it should be interesting.

She may be a bit ahead of her game but unfortunately I am so busy trying to force these milestones on Ava, I don’t pay attention to what Aliza should be doing. I have certainly learned first hand about that 80% of learning being incidental through sight stuff, with her. She doesn’t have to hear what she should do; she only needs to see you do it, once. I am learning to be sneaky again…I almost feel like a tween. Parenting life is easy different with a sighted child.

I attended parent-teacher conferences last week and was pleased to hear about how well Ava has adjusted in these first 30 or so days of school. A few of the things we discussed are summed up as follows:
‘At first I couldn’t see it, all those things you listed on her About Me sheet.’
***Not a surprise, this is my most used area of advocacy whether the setting is educational, medical, therapeutical, etc… When you deal with apraxia this is a fact of life. I don’t expect anything different anymore.
‘She always slaps her hands on book pages, we are working on that’
***YIKES, she has been exposed to Braille since she was a baby, tactile learner we are speaking of. They will be adding blind-folds to the dress up area and I will be purchasing a Braille book for the classroom. I also hope to come in and show and tell a bit about the subject.  Ms TVI, where are you?? Ha, just kidding, kind of.
‘The social and acceptance piece are starting to come along, lots of kids want to play with her’
***Yea, hopefully public school continues to feel good to us, mostly!

In general, I am pleased with her team and all their efforts. Here teacher is new to teaching and doing great. They are learning a lot from each other.  Ava is walking well and using a cane type device in school with success. I hope to bring it home over the holidays so I can get some idea what is up with the situation. She is also doing a fabulous job of imitating speech; she will defiantly be talking more this year.

I went on a field trip to the Milliken Fire Station this morning with them. Ava enjoyed, was in a great mood and the weather was beautiful (in general fall has been BEAUTIFUL here). It was a much different experience for me than the last fire station field trip I attended with her Anchor school. I miss blind kids, I miss being anonymous. Mostly I miss being able to regularly be involved with that part of Ava’s community. Her blindness is the best part of her differences, it’s the gift. Good people and a minor inconvenience on so many levels of life in this day and age. Neurology on the other hand…

I hosted a Piggies n Paws open house over the weekend. This is the first time in the 11-years I’ve lived in this house that I’ve had a party to sell items; usually we are just consuming them. It was low-key and I might even do it again. I had a nice turn out and can not wait to share the prints we purchased. I really enjoyed seeing all my lovely friends (and their kids) that could make it, thanks! See you again in 6-8 weeks.

We are starting to talk the big Halloween weekend up around here. Be safe, be fun!

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Deana said...

What are they going to be for Halloween? Hope you have a great weekend...good report on both of the girlies!