Monday, October 04, 2010


An update on the big sensory diet as follows…

1. She wears the S.P.I.O 3-5 hours a day on average. It is a life saver that helps with car sickness, sensory seeking, sensory overload and motor planning, including speech.

2. I have seen her respond well to a neoprene wrap, home-made body sock type thing with her O.T., recently. It looks pretty simple to make, even if I can barely navigate a sewing machine. She has been using it around a chair for deep pressure seeking as an example. We hope to get the school involved in this for break time activity.

3. We continue to tweak and explore new things while sticking to consistency with the old trusties.

4. The iPad is going great. Ava is really enjoying Line Art as a visual stimulator and likes ThumDrum too. We are working on getting proloquo2go implemented and the school is using the iPod portion for smooth transitions and regulating calmness to music. There is so much to explore, so little time.

It looks as if we have finally found a baseline to start measuring all Ava’s recent progress against. Around the time she turned 3 we started going through migraines & emotional and multiple med changes. It seems like it has taken us until now to bounce back to some kind of *dare I say* expected daily pattern.  She is walking fairly consistently and getting better at transitions everyday.

Thank the multiple therapy/teaching gods for leading us in the right direction all this time.


Rebecca said...

Getting back to a routine is an amazing thing! We are in one right now and I have to admit I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Last winter was so so so SO hard, I am anxious as the seasons change. I like where we are now.

I would love to see her iPad applications at some point. I hear so much about kids using the iPads.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Sorry I am late to congratulate the whole family on Ava's 5th birthday!

May the therapy/teaching gods be always with you! Barbara