Sunday, September 19, 2010

Triennial Survivor

The triennial went much, much better than the last IEP meeting went this past spring. It was little ‘ole me, the TVI, PT, OT, SLP, ECES, psychology, preschool director, paraprofessional, social worker and BOCES child find coordinator. I hope I am not forgetting anyone because we barely fit in the room.

Yes, alone I was. I actually didn’t realize it was a triennial until about 3-weeks prior and my hopes for an advocate faded. I had lots of information from the school upfront so I felt good about going alone anyways. I’m sure if I searched hard enough, I could have found a pal.

We had received a Functional Vision Exam from the optometrist we met with back in May that gave Ava functional vision acuity of 20/400 or another way to phrase that is ‘Ava does not appear to have usable vision’.

No shit.  Let's hope for services because I am overwhelmed with stuff outside of school.

On to the meeting, that was two rolled into one (triennial and then annual review of goals, etc). So not to bore you with details of the giant summit I will only say this.

Ms TVI says, “I would like to let the team know that I tested Ava for CVI using yada yada guidelines and found that on the Level 1 test Ava had 2 of the 3 characteristics of C.V.I and on the Level 2 test Ava had 9 of the 10 characteristics listed.”  Maybe it was A & B instead of 1 & 2?

I say, “Hmm sounds about right, thank you.”  Inside I was thinking, phew; I am not crazy and I no longer need to question, ever so slightly my community, approach, identity, and piece of mind.  As if I can even believe I had a doubt in the first place.
Anyways, I am pleased with the team’s efforts, goals, testing, etc. The S.P.I.O. is going extremely well and she is wearing it 4-5 hours daily (at school). We are still practicing the sensory diet and the iPad is coming along as well.

Ava is walking again, she actually shakes you off and jets away a bit. She is starting with a quasi-cane around her classroom. It is more like two PVC pipes, fused by two more. I hear she is making friends and enjoying pre-k. Let’s hope this continues…

Aliza is in need of her own post, crazy child of mine. She is a funny devil. Lately she has been closing her eyes; obviously squinting to the max and pretending to be blind. Maybe it is all this IEP talk in the school hall, with others on the team, etc. that has her curiosity. She always liked the canes at Anchor last year. Hopefully it is just a typical part of growing up around a sis like Ava Marie. If not, I choose to continue my pattern of denial for the current time :)

I had a fabulous time painting with my girlfriends for charity Tuesday night. Here we are posing after attending a Canvas and Cocktails event hosted by one of our super-moms for her daughter Cici and her charity. My mom came along and drove me home. It was a fine time.


Deana said...

Glad the IEP went well...I just spent a while on the paperwork for Max's functioning which I got teary, and Steve said..."Why are they mocking him?!". That made me laugh and remember...this is all just a load of crap. They don't know all he can do because they'll always focus on what he can't. So...we'll laugh it off and just let him have fun...and work our hardest to give him the best life he can have.

I had lots of fun at the canvas and cocktails too! We'll have to plan another one...who's birthday is coming up? ;) Hope you have a great week!

Krista :) said...

Man, Aliza cracks me smart. I'm always happy to hear that little Ava Marie is doing well...and her momma too!