Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Survey Says

Here I am, back at the keyboard. My keyboard. It feels really, really grand to be back at any keyboard. Since the introduction of my blackberry crackberry and now the iPad, I can officially proclaim that I hate mobile apps and the whole touch pad typing thing. If the iPad were actually mine, I would purchase a keyboard and if I wasn’t such a Facebook junkie I would ditch the mobile app. There you have it; the simplest of simplicities that I’ve got today.

On a different note, I also dislike election season. Phone calls from everyone, I mean everyone; the inevitable price one pays for living in a home with a registered independent voter.

And questions like this…
“Do you feel that we are better off with the stimulus package President Obama implemented OR would we have been better off using the money towards blah, blah, blah?”

Really, I know have to be a friggin’ fortune teller to participate in political surveys? Very bad surveys to boot. So I kindly asked miss surveyor…

“Do I have a choice C?”
“No.” she said
“Do you know much about economics because that question is like something you’ve made up just to see if a jack-ball like me will answer it?  Is this a joke? My answer is C”


I guess you don’t question political surveying :) Maybe if I keep this up they will black list me??? Isn’t it great to participate in a blissfully ignoramus democracy of rapidly spreading entitlement?  It's like the next damn plague.

And, BEWARE, do not call my house if you do not seek two-way conversation. Seriously.

School is going pretty well. We have a triennial IEP next week so I am holding back on blogging much about that whole subject until we get past the horror meeting. You all know how last year ended…

Fall is near, so very near. I am happy for summer to steadily creep away. Nebraska was miserably fun and I am waiting on some pictures to share. The river was great, the girls enjoyed it and Aliza learned lots about cows and cow poop. She also made a very good friend, Sawa.  Both of the girls enjoyed seeing our family and close friends.  So did I.

My summer anthem has played out more like an Alice in Chains album, less the copious amount of opiates to justify the lyrics…
“Forgot my women and lost my friends, things I’d done and where I’ve been. Sleep in sweat, the mirrors cold, seen my face? It’s growin’ old…”
Yes all my 90’s grunge rock friends. A tune to reminisce.

It is past my bed time. I am still feeling a bit cranky.  I have much to blog about so I hope to be back soon.


TherExtras said...

Hope you are back soon, too, Amanada - and feeling less cranky, but you are fun to read even when you are cranky.

Have to admit I cannot 'get' your music reference, but don't think too badly of me for that, please.

I've been thinking of you on hearing reports of wildfires in your state. We are flooding here this week.

Sad, I know, I'm commenting on the weather. It's early - that's my excuse over it's late. ;)

I have a page written originally from frustration about survey polls. Linked under Brain Food - "A Matter of Opinion". hehe - fortune teller. Indeed. Many are self-proclaimed.


Jennifer said...

Great Post...you are a doll! Laughing @ the survey part...they called me and I too felt the same way...this question doesn't make sense..so I am glad to know it was THEM not ME!! Keep rockin' that AIC!!

ferfischer said...

I agree with Angela on FB - this was a particularly funny post of yours. Good for you! I just don't answer the phone. Like ever!