Sunday, August 08, 2010

No Secrets?

Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting some folks who know me only from my blog. I’ve giggled and reflected on hearing things like “you must be the girl with no secrets”.

1. Secrets give you wrinkles.
2. Sharing the very top layer of goo that is no longer sacred enough to be left out of the blog, not a secret either.
3. My life is not exciting enough to have secrets; perhaps secrets are what I need…

So my new ambition ~ finding a secret ~ I guess all the hipsters have one or two ;)

Also, we will be hitting the big town of Gordon this week so watch out! Aliza is very excited to ride in a tractor. Ava likes all the attention she gets when visiting and the mom likes the cold beverages she shares with friends from many, many moons ago.

I’m sure I will have some fun photos and stories to share when we return. We have been plugging along with the normal while getting geared up for school. I’ll try to dedicate a little time to the S.P.I.O and respite care soon.

From the new found words of Aliza…see ya!

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