Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love that iPad

Oh how WE love Ava's iPad...

Here is a tad on the start of our process. I am overwhelmed but excited as the sky is certainly the limit, and it is not very difficult so far.  The standard accessibility features are pretty impressive too.

I have chosen Proloquo2Go as our platform for AAC. The company is also working on assitiveware with the public schools in mind for Mac use.  There is pleny of information on their website.  This SLP Sharing website is a very nice resource also.  In addition I try to check out moms with apps every Friday for 'free app day'.

Ava is very interested in the ipad.  We started with bright, loud games like Simon.  There are nice music and finger art apps she loves to play with too.

Currently she has one screen with four choices, one being a spoof, or a start to understanding the power of asking for help.  Really, she needs 3 choices but the best display is with 4 so I should probably black out the help card.  I have not been aggressive yet as I am waiting on a bit more guidance from her SLP's.

We meet with Ava's pre-k teacher, new special ed teacher, SLP and hopefully will better understand who her TVI and other providers will be after speaking with them, this Friday morning.  I visited Anchor Center for an organization meeting yesterday, it was great to see everyone.  Mom and I loaded a purple/white/blue loft bed with slide from a very nice craigslist score in N Denver for Miss Liz Mae.  I'll blog soon about the new room, the trip to Nebraska and the upcoming school year.


Deana said...

Oh how i wish we could use proloquo for Max on the iPad! I'm glad it's working for you all!

TherExtras said...

I read a positive post on using iPad for communication on a blog just about everyday. I have bookmarked a file on the iPad to track them all.

Looking forward to reading about your vacay. Barbara