Saturday, July 03, 2010

That Was Refreshing

I always forget just how great of a blogging audience I have until I flip my top for the world to see. Thank you great friends and followers, you keep me as sane as I’ve ever been. ;) It’s just one of My Luggage cleaning chores that sometimes must be done.  I feel much better now.

Aliza is becoming quite the handy little sister. She feeds Ava every now and then, turns her bed-time rain maker on when she thinks she should take a moment, does dishes, swiffers the floor, and persists to seek & use anything that is long and white like it is a walking cane. She really thinks she needs a cane like the big kids at her sisters preschool. She is a blabbering, busy bee that keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh often. We tried to get pictures taken of her last week and she threw the biggest tantrum to date…go figure.

I’ve also been meaning to give a little more information on the sensory diet. The best new tool I’ve been taking advantage of is a towel in the tub. Ava has never been a fan of weighted blankets but this seems to calm her down and has become part of the bedtime transition. Thanks to Mindy, super practical PT, for the great tip. I also do not use or own a weighted vest however the school does. This is one of our ‘team player’ strategies.

There is a photo of all that movement I was poorly trying to describe, it is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea…I’m still mastering my cell phone camera.

I think we are going to get Ava an Ipad. You'll all be the first to hear, my goal tonight is to research apps.  I'd appreciate any suggestions if you are using one too :)


TherExtras said...

Happy to read your upbeat post, but give you every respect for the honest sharing below - it is your blog!

Did you mean you place a wet towel over Ava during bath (like a weighted blanket)? What a great idea?

On the iPad - I have seen many references to apps online. (I did several posts, too - use the search on my blog.) Here is the latest one I saw:


Amanda said...

Hello Dr Barbara! I do use the towel instead of a weighted blanket. If you use a heavy towel the weight seems to be much greater & evenly distributed-I assume that is the goal in the first place.
The only marketed blanket that I've had luck with is the SouthPaw neoprene one that is $100 and two seem to work much better than one. For now I am saving the $200 and using a towel.
I am also thankful I have had access to a great "loaner closet" therapist to try the home made & expensive stuff before purchasing or making my own.
Thanks for the great link - the Ipad is ordered. I love your blog and your willingness to share all your smarts with us.