Monday, July 26, 2010

Infectious Lil' Miss

Today has been surreal for me and many of my friends, especially my super-mom friends. Even my friends that are not super-mom’s, whom had never met the little princess I’m blogging in honor of today, have an extremely heavy heart for my dear friend Heather, her husband Bart and their families today.

Samantha’s village was taken by surprise with the news of her passing yesterday. I am heart-broken. I am confused. I feel a little piece of me and my journey has been taken with Sammer, set free in the winds of this ever-changing world.

I also feel honored to have been part of her journey, to have learned from her, to have raised money and awareness with her; best of all to have shared in tears of joy, fear, confusion, loss and celebration with her momma as she grew into the beautiful little Princess she came to be.

Sweet Girl, I will miss you.  Ava will too.  I have sweet visions of you and Jack, finally together and forever young, stirring up mischief in your mom's colossal garden of hope.

She's an amazing Gardner.

Please send all your love and karma their way. A kind word would probably be welcome too.

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Deana said...

yes, the thought of brother and sister, together at last, in perfect form. that is a beautiful thought.