Monday, July 12, 2010

Change Is Brewing

Here are a few things I want to share with my supermoms...

For my Colorado peeps - did you know a task force was establisehd by the Department of Human Serives and the Deparment of Health Care Policy and Finacing to gather and process information & make recommendations to the state concerning Community Centered Boards?  It looks like they are FINALLY concerned with the problems that may arise as a conflict of interest when you provide services & case managment with in the same agency.  I guess they are already scheduled to be making reccomendations - I am interested if any of you were aware of or a part of this???

We have suffered from this very conflict of interest.  I had to find the folks (Access & Availability in Weld County) that manage and evaluate for the HCBS waiver myself.  Ava was not assessed or suggested for any wait list during Part C because 'she had other resources, mainly private insurance' so I was advised she would not qualify.  The appropriate waiver was managed somewhere other than her CCB and I think a combination of poor knowledge of the system and losing case management is to blame.  Who really knows??  Obviously not the folks that should which is problematic enough.

Are you a hopeful parent?  If not and you are interested in bringing the "extreme parenting" that we go through daily with our atypical little ones to reality you go!  I see the importance of shedding light but just can not imagine letting a camera crew into my house most days of the week.  I'm still pondering exactly what is the scariest thought but it is not for us.  Casting may be closed, I know it was short lived but I thought I'd at least throw the scenario out there.  I certainly hope a nice represenation of everyones mixed bag of obstacles airs on the boob tube - for the world to see!

I'm looking forward to catching up with my Circle of Friends in Loveland tomorrow night.  See you at the Mandolin Cafe, 7:00 pm.

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Cathy Smyth said...


How timely this is! I am taking a Policy class at UNC and chose the Primary Service Provider model as my "policy" to explore. Little did I know it was so connected to the issue of Service Coordination in Part C (IDEA 2004).
I have mixed feelings about this. I hear your frustration and see it from your viewpoint....however, I don't know if moving the case management piece away from the CCBs is the answer. Having a medical billing expert may help in one sense.....but I am not comfortable with a medical billing person who know NOTHING about early intervention or child development run IFSP meetings. (It would happen).
From the research and law digging I have done on this issue----the answer is NOT switching case mgmt to another agency..the answer is funding service coordination more so the following would happen:

Lower caseloads
Less turnover
Increased training about available resources and
More time to spend with families

**A note about funding for services...CCBs are restricted by IDEA2004 in Part C.. they MUST use the Payor of last resort hierarchy. (Which means your insurance). I'm afraid our health system is the problem (no, really?) not the CCBs. They have to follow the law and that would not change if it moved to another agency.

But parents need to speak up! Practice is not following research recommendations and you all are the only ones who can make it happen! Go!