Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jesus is Just Alright

I think I owe it to Jesus to give you a little blog regarding the history of his presence on my blog (in particular the button to the left). No, I don’t hate Christians. No, I have not gone crazy as some of you have inquired. But on that same note, if you think not being a Christian is a clear indication of insanity, you should be focusing on your own mental state of being…I’m guessing Jesus wouldn’t be impressed. I would also like to preface that I know that not ALL Christians are this presumptuous (hopefully most).

Sometime in the past 4-years of my life I have succumb to being a grief dancer (Grief Dancing is a great book by the way) and guess what? It isn’t so bad; there is this need that I have to move thorough my sorrows by finding the silver lining (however faint it may be) with in. I typically don’t need much help sorting out who or what I am all by myself. I think Jesus might appreciate this.

Ironically, I have been confronted with the most hurtful, cruel ideas justified in the name of Jesus by way of Christians; whom apparently just can’t help themselves. It seems to me that there is little tolerance and a disregard to true acceptance of differences amongst this crowd. There are many things in life that you just can’t explain. Not even Jesus has all the answers.

With that in mind my Jesus button serves this purpose:
PLEASE spare me the explanation of life as you know it being a Christian and I’ll spare you the reasons I choose not to believe the same things as you.

Whatever you believe – I respect and I will support you in your beliefs. However, I am a well educated person with my own ideas. For now, I am completely comfortable with my own spirituality, rules of morality, my expectations of humanity & owning my own soul. It even seems sort of liberating as I type it.

To each his own…Amen!

P.S. Please don't hate me for my button :)


The girl with the flour in her hair said...

Actually, I quite like the button!

Well said.

Deana said...

I have friends of all faiths...and I am only ever told how to live by my "christian" friends. I agree that we all need to have our own sense of who we are spiritually.

Since our last dinner I've been thinking a lot of this subject...but it all runs so deep in my family, I've had a hard time putting it into kind words. ;)

Robyn said...

well said as usual. I would like to think that we can respect each others differences, but we all know that's not true. I don't think that all the hate that's being spread around right now is exactly what Jesus had in mind.

Maria Hopfgarten said...

Hi Amanda,
I love your words, and that it's truly about accepting our different beliefs - rather than one only.
Looking forward to see you on Monday again!
- Maria.

Summer said...

Love it!!! I wish we lived closer to you guys!!! I think we share a ton in common!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So sad you don't live in Canada; J and his band of self-appointed merry men decided to stay south of the 49th! So much irony in a cult that professes love and tolerance and is so quick to judge and condemn. If listening to your own heart and head is not good enough for some, they are not worth the time or energy! Best with the girls <3