Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's in a Stroke?

Seek to understand, then to be understood. Good words to live by and I certainly give it my best. Really, with what I’ve got on my plate I have a pretty low tolerance for wallowing with pigs. I spend plenty of time dealing with egos the size of Texas at places like TCH and ECNC. Also, I have no problem greeting those egos with a cheesy smile, for Ava.

What I still haven’t mastered in life is the ability to stroke those egos that feel entitled to a stroke for the sake of a stroke. Those of you snickering right now, you know what I’m talking about. For the remainder of you I’ll just say I find myself taking a moment to ponder thoughts such as…

*Take the easy road - just stroke it girl.
*Could this a**hole describe the smell of their bullshit to be any sweeter?
*What benefit do I get for succumbing to the particular stroke at hand?

It seems to never fail that after a fair amount of back and forth banter with myself; I usually don’t master any constructive outcome in regards to this matter. I’m starting to think I expect adults to act more like adults than most adults do.

Clear as mud?

This week has been no exception. Monday started out with a nasty, down and dirty blow-out with Ava’s public school TVI, in front of his boss and Aliza. Unfortunately the person that set the meeting up called in sick and had never briefed anyone on the agenda. Even better, the teacher will not be employed in the State of Colorado next year so all of this nastiness was done for the sake of constructing a more willing attitude to pass on to his replacement.

Until Monday, I had received many reports from his colleagues (over the last couple of years) about his persistent disregard to Ava’s vision problems. Members of his team at RE5J were even singing the same song.

‘Mr. TVI, what type of picture card would help Ava in this situation?’ says Ms SLP

‘She can see.’ says Mr. TVI

With the fact of Ava graduating from Anchor in mind, I knew I had to address this situation. Next year her fate is entirely left to me…no more support from our 5-Star Anchor team in Denver. This is a battle I must fight.

On Wednesday I received a lengthy email from one of my clients. They obviously needed a stroke but I am done stroking to be Ms. Nice Amanda. Oh yes sir, do not expect me to wallow in your shit or stroke you for convenience this week...or any other for that matter.  This is the type of battle I will no longer fight.  A promise to myself!

Do you stroke for the sake of stroking?


Krista :) said...

The older I get, the less I stroke! :) Besides, I don't know any "Ms. Nice Amanda"....uhhh, I DO know a "Ms. I'm Here To Tell You How It Is TAZ", tho. I love you, girl. You were made for this war! Here if there is a single thing I can do.

Nett said...

No. OK, Maybe. All right I did a few weeks ago. Normally, I would have had this Dr.'s testicles hanging from my husbands review mirror (serves a dual purpose) but I had to suck it up for my son. Still, I didn't have to stroke him though, I blogged about it and HIS BOSS read it and well...we got to see the HEAD of the Department. I DID stroke that DR though...because I liked him.

Nuri Leigh Burville said...

I don't know you, I just clicked on to "next blog" but there are no accidents .... I too have dealt with serious health care situations where I had to suck up to people for the sake of someone else for years. I don't do that very much anymore. But I darn sure stick up for others who often get pretty stuck still having to.

Honor yourself and your anger, just get yourself a healthy outlet for it, girl; don't let it eat a hole inside you! Promise yourself that, and keep that promise.