Monday, March 01, 2010

Spring, March Madness & Easter Eggs

It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace. ~ C Morley

Happy Birthday to Mom, Happy Birthday to Grandma, Happy Birthday dear Nana Cindy………Happy Birthday to you! Not only do I love my mom but I love that her birthday signifies good things to come - spring, March Madness, Easter Eggs.

Life is finally starting to gain some type of recognizable pace again. I like being busy but I also like at least 6 hours of sleep on any given day. I finished my class/clinical stuff last week and will take my state exam on March 12th. The house has been cleaned and most of my accounting business is back on track. To dwindle the never ending ‘to do list’ down a bit more, I give you this beauty…an update on the girls.

Aliza Mae has been blog deprived. Many of her first moments have flown right past us, her pace is greater than I can document. She has mastered the stairs (up & down), walks when she feels like getting that round rump off the floor, dances like her parents are not white and loves to climb high, very high to name a few. She laughs at me when I discipline her and tells us all NO often.

She also loves playing in the toilet and digging through the trash for snacks…possibly even putting what ever she finds in the trash (or anywhere on the floor), in the toilet. She loves to eat and weighed in at 24 lbs 12 oz. at her one year well child check. The phone is one of her favorites also; she answers it and if you’re lucky she’ll give you a call or two. She is a sweet, sweet talker and chews ass pretty good too. What more could we ask from our little 13 month old?

Ava is also doing well. She continues to move forward and that is always welcome as sometimes we find ourselves keeping pace in lieu of forward momentum. Joe has been given the opportunity to have more ‘hands on’ therapy time with her as a result of my recent school break. He has been keeping tabs on physical therapy and rumor has it she walked 25 steps unassisted last Monday…no walker, no hands! We will see what today brings; she doesn’t usually show off for me.

Time is of the essence so I’ll bottle all of this wisdom until next time ;)


Robyn said...

"Dances like her parents are not white." You crack me up!

TheRextras said...

Hope your Mom had a great bday.

The girls sound wonderful!

Dancing and 25 steps!