Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Let's Talk About It

EPILEPSY - more common than MS, CP and Parkinson's combined.  1 in 100 people have it and 1 in 10 people will have a seizure sometime in their life.

Allison and Liza (seen in the film) are friends of ours.  Allison works for Epilepsy Colorado Foundation and is helping Heather and I with the support group in Loveland.  She is also responsible for making the first annual Steps for Epilepsy Walk in Greeley a reality last year.  This years evet will be the weekend before Memorial Day in Greeley.

Why the educational blog?  I will be presenting to a diagnostic group on seizures and vision at the Anchor Center in a couple of weeks.  JC Greeley (teacher of the visually impaired) has invited me to help her educate the newbie's and I had to share the video I discovered preparing.  I was flattered, I certainly don't consider myself an expert but I am ALWAYS happy to share my journey and knowledge.  Especially if it can help someone else navigate their own.

Strides for Epilepsy (it has grown large enough to move to City Park this year) will be making the blog soon.  Come out and support Team Ava at either event!  All you Colorado folks can also go to the Epilepsy of Colorado website and sign the petition for a license plate...yes, I know another one??  Look, it is about raising awareness not money and you don't have to get the plate. 

To those of you who sometimes ponder how you can support up at an event, sign the petition, talk about it.

Wish me luck and Happy Hump Day!

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