Sunday, January 03, 2010

Baby Days Are Few

May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions. ~Joey Adams

Hello to you, my friends, and a brand New Year. I hope Santa was good to you and that you survived the weather, quality family time and whatever other mayhem the holidays delivered. I’m ready for a new year and have plenty to keep myself busy the next few months...maybe even years ;)
It’s hard for me to grasp that Aliza will turn the ripe old age of 1 in less than a month. I knew she would forever change our family, as the arrival of new children do, but never imagined the dynamic she would bring. I also didn’t anticipate such a tumultuous year for Ava’s well being; the past years had not been quite this arduous and we felt ill prepared. Really, who can be prepared for this, though?

It seems like just yesterday my mom was pondering if there would be enough love for the new baby girl. I guess that’s what happens when you only have one yourself….Aliza has certainly captivated Grandma’s heart just as her big sister did so there was no need to worry about that, mom. If only all of our concerns could be of this nature. I suspect we are all finding comfort with our positions and moving past the guilt for both girls and the time they have had to learn to allocate between each others needs.

It brings perspective to the sacrifices we make daily to continually move this family’s momentum forward. There’s no need to sugar coat our lives, often times we are in some state of crisis and everyone deals with this, even little Liz Mae. She has proven to be a trooper, I’m not sure she had a choice to be anything but that. Mom too, her life has been reduced to making my family work…not that it’s horrible but I hope to allow her the proper time to get back to her life this year. She deserves that at a minimum.

As the story goes, new chapters are being written and our family will start a new year of journeys. We are looking forward to me gaining steady employment, the end of our drives to Denver for pre-school this summer, additional folks to add to our childcare team and maybe even a house cleaning lady. Yes, as you seen from my last post, it’s the SIMPLE things that take me to a merry state of mind.

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. ~Henry Moore


Princess Abigail said...

Happy New Year folks! Looking forward to another exciting year of Ava blog adventures.

Such breathtakingly cute little girls! Phew!

Anonymous said...

Well said. And Henry got it right, one day at a time is a good coping mechanism. Oh, to get past the need for that....

Jennifer said...

Taz - you my friend are a strong woman and I am glad that you inspired me to do this - i hope to keep up now that I am not as bogged down, plus I need to get it out!!! You were right when you said that writing is good therapy, but I just couldn't do it with a pencil and paper - I would be nowhere without my PC. Great writings, I enjoyed reading.