Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What Would Jesus Buy?

It's that time of year routinely scheduled, my bah humbugs have shown up. Last year I took a break from them and I’m sure it had something to do with being nine months pregnant. After all, who gives someone that round and hormonally challenged gruff? Even Santa knew better.

I’m not sure what particular thing it is about this season but it completely sucks the merry out of me. Maybe it’s the lack of sunshine. Maybe it's the lack of Kahlua in my coffee from my checkbook being drained ;) Certainly it couldn’t be all the madness that it seems to bring.

Aside from holiday stuff I have been inundated by the county and all the other wonderful folks that take part in Team Ava. After almost 2 years of waiting I am in the grueling paperwork process of getting her disability waiver for Medicaid. Part of this consists of me obtaining a CNA license so I can be employed by her.

Yep, you read that right; I will be employed by Ava as long as I can get my CNA class and testing out of the way in the first 120 days of the process. It actually pays a fair amount, after all, I take care of her whether someone wants to pay me to or not. I am also developing a strategy to keep my home health care and rehabilitation therapies in tact. Seriously, it isn’t broke so I don’t need folks telling me how to fix it.

I do still keep a few accounting clients but it is impossible for me to do it all so this is a great start to getting back to a life that involves things other than being mom. The catch is what to do with her and little sister while I get my license crap out of the way???

I’m hoping to get into a 4-week night class in Loveland through a community college and if that works it should ease SOME of my scheduling pains. If I drop off the face of the earth in January, you will know why.  These are the times I dearly miss living in small town Nebraska.

We have a night away from the girls this weekend for Joe’s Christmas Party and more importantly we will celebrate Joe’s Birthday (which is tomorrow). It is at the Embassy Suites in Loveland this year, a nice change from the drive to Estes Park. Mom will watch the girls; it’s my first night away from both since having Aliza. After that I will be wrapping up all my holiday must do seems to go on and on.

The girls are surviving this cold snap.  Aliza is speed crawling, standing on her own and cruising anywhere she can. Her personality is absolutely shining and she is quite the clever character. I am feeling the pains of this little developmental milestone but it is certainly helping Ava grab a bit of motivation. Her therapist and teachers are amazed with how far we’ve come since dealing with the migraines this fall. I’m feeling pretty confident that I will be able to throw my walking/talking party in 2010…stay tuned and stay warm!

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Krista :) said...

That's it...send the Cruiser to me for the 4 weeks it'll take. You might get her back...